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Adoring father David Beckham gives bike ride lessons to daughter Harper!

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  •  June 2, 2015


David Beckham has totally owned the whole fatherhood thing, and it only makes us love him more. 

After Akshay Khanna’s super cute pictures with daughter Nitara , the adoring bonding of daddy David Beckham and daughter Harper melted our heart and made us squeak more with a long awww.

?? Look at my big girl ?? Day One – No stabilizers ❤️

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

Daddy’s little princess Harper seems to be growing really fast to ride bike without stabilizers. Daddy Beckham showered his love and these adorable moments on instagram to explain all the dads what real parenting means.

According to a research, “Fathers generally have as much or more influence than mothers on many aspects of their daughters’ lives. For example, the father has the greater impact on the daughter’s ability to trust, enjoy and relate well to the males in her life. Well-fathered daughters are usually more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more successful in school and in their careers than poorly fathered daughters.”

JWB would like to give a message to all the Daddies and Mommies:

Dear Mommies, please give yourself a break and enjoy daddies taking care of kids. Give them space and responsibility to experience the amazing moments of parenting.

Dear Daddies, give yourself a chance to match up with the amazing celeb dads. You will feel great and so will the kids.

Every dad has fears that he will not be a great dad, that he will mess up, that he will be a failure. For all those hopeless dads, there would always be these stories to get inspired. Tell us more about the real daddy stories in comments.

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