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Check Out Which Body Part Stores Fat The Most In Your Body & How To Fix It

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  •  September 12, 2015


Obesity is one of the most dreaded health conditions in today’s time. Irrespective of the age, one can face this issue due to wrong eating habits or hormonal conditions.

GoSocial has listed six different places of the body where you are tend to accumulate fat the most. Have a look:b1b529e6-cc5b-4669-8cb9-56fce3b336f1_desktop

1. Obesity of Food:

This comes from eating too large of portions and having too much sugar. If you reduce your sugar intake and eat smaller portions you can help your body prevent obesity.

2. Obesity of Nervous Stomach:

Depression, stress, and anxiety are also factors that can lead to obesity. Those suffering from obesity of a nervous stomach often eat too much sugar. Try cutting sugar out of your diet and being proactive about the cause of your depression.

3. Gluten Obesity:

This mainly occurs in adolescent or menopausal women (women undergoing significant hormonal changes). Gluten obesity is best avoided by removing bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and sitting for long periods, and exercising with weights.

4. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity:

Aka “cannonball gut”, where people carry most of their  fat around their middles, can cause trouble with breathing. Alcohol consumption needs to be removed from your diet to manage this obesity.

5. Obesity due to venous circulation:

This type is usually  inherited and occurs mainly in pregnant women or people with swollen legs. Running or climbing stairs will help with this type of obesity.

6. Obesity of Inactivity:

Obesity of inactivity basically targets areas that used to be active, that you no longer use. Eating your food at regular interval times can help speed up the metabolism and fight this obesity.

Try to keep smoking, alcohol and sugar out of your diet, and try to get a decent amount of exercise while sticking to a healthy diet.

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