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Chhattisgarh School Textbook Says Working Women Are A Cause Of Unemployment

  • JWB Post
  •  September 23, 2015


Soumya Garg, a teacher from the tribal Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh, has petitioned the Chhattisgarh State Commission for Women against the content of the Class-X social-science textbook that says “working women are one of the causes of unemployment” in India.

She told TOI, “Does it mean that percentage of unemployment is measured on parameters keeping only men in mind? In the age of technology and gender equality, students can’t be taught about such prejudices. Women have equal right over jobs with men.”

If this is the case, it becomes extremely shameful for a country which is making constant efforts to end the issue of inequality and promote women empowerment.

Harshita Pandey, women’s commission member, said, “Commission will acknowledge the issue immediately and agreeing on the objection, I would personally write to chief minister and minister for education to consider the matter. Women are integral part of human resources in today’s age who are equally competent to men. They can’t be held responsible for unemployment in country.”

We hope this form of education is stopped asap from reaching the future of our country.

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