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Ghar-Wali Charkhi: “I too wanna fly high”…

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  •  January 14, 2015


When we asked her how she was doing, she replied: “Very Well! (looking out of the window)….See! Squirrels are playing. I love squirrels”. Her husband smiled, humbly.


A home-maker Anju Chauhan believes that dreams never die, no matter how many times they are broken. A beautiful mother of two sons told us what she used to think about life and how things came as a surprise in future.

JWB  – Tell us about your life as a housewife?

Mrs Chauhan – Well, at first it was easy. Staying at home all the time, chilling out, preparing meals three times a day, watching movies and having a lot a lot and a lot of sleep. (chuckles)


JWB – But?

Mrs Chauhan – But then I remembered it was too mainstream.

JWB – So, what was your dream?

Mrs Chauhan – I have the Masters Degree in political science. I asked my In-Laws when I got a call from Rajasthan University.

JWB – There you go, Professor!

Mrs Chauhan  – Permission Denied!

JWB – Reason behind?

Mrs Chauhan – They thought it would be tough for a woman to take care of both the family and the job. I told them I would be earning good. They said that they were fine with INCOME-ing but OUT-going was prohibited.

Mr Chauhan – But I never restricted her from pursuing anything.


Mrs Chauhan – True! But eventually, I gave up to the same thought.  Knowing that they are probably more experienced, and it could be true.

JWB – Like?

Mrs Chauhan – Like I thought that it would be really hectic for a pregnant woman to be working. Nowadays couples can wait years for the baby until they are financially stable.

Mr Chauhan – But back then we couldn’t wait. (Both were laughing)

JWB – So, You dropped the idea?

Mrs Chauhan – Yes! And got busy being a mother. It was a wonderful job.

JWB – How was it? Raising two sons?

Mrs Chauhan – The feeling is always beautiful. You find it amazing when you touch those little hands everytime. It goes all fine until they start waking you up at midnight crying for milk, and you are all empty. But Yes! Whenever I used to get tired, I got help from both the elder-mothers. That’s why the elder one is close to his DADI, and the younger one is close to his NANI.

JWB – Its been years! Did you have any other desire? Apart from becoming a professor.

Mrs Chauhan – Oh Yes! I had, and he gave me the idea.

Mr Chauhan – I handle Jewellery Sales and Deals in Jaipur. A day when I brought a few necklaces at home, she said I could design it better.


Mrs Chauhan – And then he provided me with jewellery designing machines and told me how to work on softwares.

JWB – Awesome right?

Mrs Chauhan – Absolutely, I thought it was just a hobby, but I got dissolved in it so much that I started contributing to him.

JWB – What about In-laws this time?

Mrs Chauhan – There was no Out-going this time. So I guess, it was all fine.

Mr Chauhan – Talking of Out-going. Lets fly kites!

JWB – Absolutely.


Mrs Chauhan – I will fly a kite today, and you will be assisting me!

Mr Chauhan  – Why not?


JWB – Lets make a kitchen wali Charkhi.

Mr Chauhan – You mean Belan.


Mrs Chauhan – Why not? When it can make you fly, it will surely help fly a kite.

JWB – Have you ever used belan, Mr Chauhan? Like, ever cooked something special for her.

Mr Chauhan – I did. In fact, I do on her birthday. Every year. Anything that comes to my mind.

JWB – Now that’s something wonderful. How does it taste, Mrs Chauhan?

Mr Chauhan – Pretty Awesome.


Mrs Chauhan – Oh Really! Self praise is no recommendation, Mr Chauhan!. But yes! Whether the cooking is special or not I am definitely on ninth cloud everytime he cooks for me. This is also a woman’s dream. (winks)

With these words they went upstairs to fly kites, instead they made our hearts fly with happiness and hope!

IMG_6235 IMG_6238 IMG_6245

JWB – What if she dreams of something new and challenging in future which might need going out and exploring? How will you fulfill it, Mr Chauhan?

IMG_6248 IMG_6251

Mrs Chauhan – I love travelling!

Mr Chauhan – See! She does love exploring, and yes I have taken her on expedition of 20 days. We went to explore Uttaranchal tracks. Well, I do understand being a house-wife is no easier than being an employed wife. I am ready to take care of her, whatever may her needs be.


JWB – You seem satisfied?

Mrs Chauhan – Oh! I am flying high!!!


However, after having this wonderful talk with the ‘Chauhans’, there is still an urge to know if each and every husband does the same for his wife. Why don’t we just break the stereotypes and tell women that they have the freedom, and yes they can do whatever makes them happy. Why not try putting yourself in her shoes. Well, don’t try her stilettos though.


A request to all hubbys’, be it in the kitchen, or be it in the sky  – please try holding the belan-charkha for her every time she needs your support. Understand the words behind her silence. Your gesture will make her day and her smile will surely make yours.

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