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Indian Man Discovers Eco-Friendly Solution To Dispose Sanitary Napkins

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  •  September 5, 2015


53 years old Shyamsunder Bedekar from Gujarat has invented a low cost sanitary napkin incinerator called Ashudhdhinashak, an environment-friendly way to dispose off used pads.

Armed with a B.Sc. Tech degree in Textile Chemistry, Shyamsunder targeted the rural women who almost have no facility of garbage-collection by municipality like in cities. He decided to make an incinerator using terracotta and concrete, to keep the project cost-effective.


Ashudhdhinashak is easy to install and does not require any electricity or fuel to run. It’s base price costs just Rs. 2,000.


Check out how it works:



This system has an accumulation chamber that allows disposing the pads. The hole allows oxygen to enter the chamber, thereby sustaining the burning process. This ash can then be used as a fertilizer since the burnt material is wood pulp.



We are impressed! No wonder Shyamsunder was recently felicitated during the Festival of Innovations held at Rashtrapati Bhavan!

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