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Innocent Cab Driver From Delhi Finally Gets Justice

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  •  October 2, 2015


After a woman accused a cab driver in Delhi for sexual assault, 35-year-old Ramesh Kumar was instantly arrested. He stayed in jail for over four months before the final judgment said he is innocent.

Poor Ramesh had to go through a lot in past 4 months. His children were mocked in school and his family faced hatred from the society. His brother, who was looking after the family, went into depression.

Ramesh told the police how this woman denied paying him the agreed fare and instead bit him. The police saw this happening and arrested Ramesh without any investigation.

He said, “I did not get any sleep at night. I recalled each and every scene from that night but couldn’t figure out why I was here. Should I have allowed her to go without paying my fare just because she was a woman? I told cops to get her medically examined but they said they were bound by law and that I will have to prove my innocence in court.”

Now that he is a free man, he is trying his best to collect the pieces that got scattered four months back. He told, “I used to save Rs 700-800 a day by driving the cab. However, my family had to make do with as little as Rs 100 a day. My wife, who came to meet me twice a week, looked frail and ill. I didn’t know what to do and was giving up hope.”

“I was determined to have my family and kids back on track. I first went to get my mobile but the cops said they had no idea about it. I then somehow got my cab, a van, released on supardari. It was in a bad shape but I borrowed money and got it repaired. I began working day and night to fix things.”

“I and my family went home with my head held high after months. We stood outside our home and spoke to neighbours. There was unease but we were happy. The blot was off my head. I am hoping things will change for good.”

More power to you, dear Ramesh.

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