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Rakhi Challenge: Vote For Ranoo & Vivek’s Kind Deed!

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  •  August 28, 2015

It is Day-2 of JWB’s Rakhi Challenge and our team, behind the scenes, is brimming with excitement to present you all, in words and in pictures, the next task that our uber cool brother-sister duos performed!

For the second task of this challenge, both the couples were required to do a kind deed. Dear readers, browse through these activities performed by our contesting duos carefully, for it is YOU who will decide which couple gets to win the exciting beauty vouchers from our campaign sponsor Swarna Medi Spa! Get set, vote!

It is a common sight watching people appreciate their employees, managers, interns, etc. for their good performance, but how often do we even ‘acknowledge’ our drivers, peons, laborers, artisans etc.? We meet these people every day; their services are essential to our day-to-day functioning, yet they seldom receive their share of love and appreciation.

IMG_4185Bearing this thought in mind, our quadragenarian sibling duo Ranoo and Vivek, made the day of a karigar who was engaged in a construction task at Vivek’s office. So much so, that the humble fellow had gleaming eyes! I attest to that fact, milord!


Let the pictures do the talking!


They made a handmade gratitude card for Sanjay (the karigar).

IMG_4206This reminded me of those times of my childhood where I used to struggle with my sketch pens and pencils and scissors trying to make a greeting card! Phew!

IMG_4203Sanjay cannot read English. So, Vivek wrote the message in Hindi, which was quite an adept task for him!IMG_4228And his dearest Didi, Ranoo, added her tinge of creativity by drawing flowers on the card and stapling an éclairs candy!


IMG_4239The card reads, “Dear Sanjay, you are a great artisan and have been with us since the beginning. Thank you. We want to see and be with you while your kids grow up and we will get them married.”

IMG_4240Ranoo wrote on the cover, “You are a part of our family.”

IMG_4239Till the last minute, both the brother and the sister excitedly enhanced the card and once it was ready, Sanjay was called to the cabin.

IMG_4262He was all clueless about why he had been summoned to the boss’s cabin but as Ranoo and Vivek handed him over this token of gratitude, a shy smile flashed on his face.


IMG_4271He tried reading the card but couldn’t decipher more than a few words, so Vivek read it for him.


IMG_4276Ranoo and Vivek posed to click a picture with Sanjay, but he tried to hurriedly get out of the room. One look at his face, and I was certain about the reason for his quick escape. He was so overwhelmed with emotions that tears of joy were pooling in his eyes.

IMG_4280He left the room, but the happiness of this act of kindness stayed with Ranoo and Vivek, and me.

IMG_4241Help this brother-sister duo win the beauty therapy voucher from Swarna Medi Spa by voting for them. They compete against Damini and Bhuvan. Hurry! The clock is ticking!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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