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Research: Men Don’t Want To Date Women Smarter Than Them

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  •  October 24, 2015


Dear men, is it that hard to love a woman smarter than you? Did you just say ‘No’? Aren’t you lying? Huh, we’ve a proof!

A recent study asked 105 undergraduate men imagine a hypothetical scenario about a woman who scored better than them on a test, and then asked them to rate how romantically desirable that woman seemed.

The men were interested in meeting her and even dating her. After the participants met the woman, took the test while seated next to her and heard both of their scores aloud, male participants were asked to move their chair across from the woman’s chair.

They were then told to tell about their first impression of this woman. Men who scored less than her rated her as someone less attractive and desirable to date.


How can someone’s intelligence be a turn-off? Movies like ‘Legally Blond’ justify what I mean. Anyhoo.

This research has also found out that analytical ability is considered a stereotypically masculine quality. Being ‘less’ in something compared to a woman induces competitive qualities in men. Therefore, female intelligence seems threatening for heterosexual men.

What do you think?

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