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This Gorilla Is Such a Hunk. Sigh!

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  •  June 26, 2015

Do you think the combination of Beauty-Brains-Heart in men is just a myth?

Let’s introduce you to the hunk ‘Shabani’. *drumrolls*Gorilla-pic-4

He is one gorilla who is making Japanese women drool over him. Shabani has got that look in the eyes, and his muscles are such that he can give Sylvester Stallone a run for his money.

This 18 yr old gorilla is the new attraction in the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya. The zoo has noticed an increase in number of female visitors who come to see him. Women say: “He is more buff than most gorillas and he’s at his peak physically. He’s very good-looking.”

Even Shabani is good at flirting. He often rests his chin on his hands and looks intently at the visitors. Moreover, this dude is a doting father who protects his kids and is always around them. Such a gentleman!

What more? He is a big thing online. Read some of the tweets dedicated to him:

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