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Trailer Of Malala Yousufzai’s Documentary Is Here! Watch It Now!

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  •  June 23, 2015

This girl is the powerhouse. When she said – Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world, we felt a rage of power inside us.

When she said – All I want is an education, and I am afraid of no one, we could sense a strong fearful determination in her voice.

Nobel Prize laureate Malala’s words and thoughts are so strong that they can move the whole world. No surprise, a documentary has been made on this 18 yr old’s life.

Watch Malala talking about her vision in her film ‘He Named Me Malala’:

And here’s is its posterhe-named-me-malala-poster_Inside

With this, let’s take back one thing in our life said by Malala – “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

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