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Uber Appoints Female Drivers For Women Safety

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  •  June 17, 2015


After being in the news for all wrong reasons, it seems that Uber has now decided to save its falling reputation by appointing women drivers.

Due to increasing molesting cases in the cabs, people seemed to have stopped trusting cab drivers, hence affecting the business badly. An Uber driver is on trial for allegedly raping a female passenger. Moreover, in December 2014, two young women in India were forced to fend off a group of male attackers by hitting them with their belts after they reportedly sexually harassed them on a bus.

Lately Delhi has hired its first ever female bus driver to help women feel safer while its favorite public transport. Walking on the same path, Uber too has started 20 woman cabbies in Mumbai.

However, this is not the 1st of its kind in Mumbai. Earlier we have spoken about Mrs. Susieben Shah who has started India’s 1st female-driven cab service in Mumbai called ‘Priyadarshini’.

Let us wish Uber a bright future with this encouraging step for women empowerment.

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