Anjana Sharma, Director A.S.S.I: ‘Don’t Feel Guilty Of Your Success’

I met this charming lady during my dandiya classes. Everyone there held a special regard towards her – and when I got to know the reason, I just couldn’t help myself sharing it with you.

Director of Bani-Park based computer software institute A.S.S.I, Anjana Sharma, started her career at a very young age. From financial problems to almost non-support strict in-laws, she kept herself determined.

Let’s read about her inspirational story.

Early life

Being the eldest one among five siblings in my family, I took responsibility of my own education. My parents were very orthodox and never wanted me to study after 10th grade. I never demanded anything but their approval for my bright future. I scored highest marks in higher secondary when my photograph was published in the newspapers. It was a big thing back then. When my father witnessed all that, he allowed me to continue. 

The Bright Mind & Destiny

I got the full scholarship from Rajasthan government utilizing which I completed my education. I appeared for ICWA and my hard work got me a very beautiful job in Nagpur district. But my family didn’t allow me to move out of home. I was married off to a businessman in Jaipur.

My in-laws were equally orthodox but my husband was one gem of a person. I was fortunate to have married someone like him. With his support, I then decided to appear for few banking-exams. Though I managed to clear handful of them, I wasn’t allowed to take up a job. Meanwhile, I also cleared the written RAS exam, but couldn’t go for the final interview as my first child’s delivery was due during those days. You can say, I’ve missed many golden opportunities in my life.

Ray of Hope in the Dark

All these incidences led to my depression. Someone suggested me to own a business instead of running after some job. I liked the idea and decided to launch my own computer institute. I didn’t know anything about computers, and hence started learning everything from the scratch. I launched my center with just one room and a lab, on rent. Today after 17 years, I think I’ve achieved something I am satisfied about. 

Not just a Nerdy Child

I have other passions too like theater, sports, dance, etc.  I am a theater artist and have played various roles in ETV Rajasthan’s TV serials. Also, I was a national level hockey player and dancer during my school and college time.

Promoting Girl Education

I believe that a woman should have her own identity instead of being known by her father’s, husband’s or son’s name. I wish to go for a world tour someday and promote girls education worldwide. I encourage many housewives by teaching them computer basics and providing them employment in this institute itself. I also conduct regular computer workshops and seminars in various colleges.

Never Ending Learning

I have a zeal to learn new things. I believe that one should always keep the ‘young student’ alive in himself. The three men in my family – my husband and two sons – are extremely proud of me.

Anjana Says

Do not enclose yourself behind the four walls. Society will definitely say that making a career means neglecting one’s family, but pay no heed to it. Let your family know more about your dreams, let them know how they can support. Even if you don’t get any support, don’t lose hope. Instead work hard, overcome obstacles, empower yourself and proceed forward. Keep a positive mind, and don’t be discouraged by failure. I never stopped on the way, this is my secret mantra.