11 Best Fashion Bloggers in India 2020

best fashion blogger in India

Do you remember the early days when people simply wanted to have dressed like Rajesh Khanna or braid like Asha Parikh?

Fashion in India has come a long way from the high waist, flared pants, tightly fitted, color printed clothes in the ’80s to present day fits, low waists, neutral colors and jeans.

Bollywood has a deep impact on the fashion trends in India. The landscape of fashion is now changing with fashion influences and bloggers leading the way the fashion is to be consumed.

They bring out the latest in fashion & beauty. You come to know how your Bollywood actor wore their style statement through the blog.

The fashion bloggers also help you reach beauty products and help you make the best fashion choices for yourself.

If you want to know more about the best blogs on Indian Fashion, then the article lists them in no particular order.

11 Best Fashion Bloggers in India 2020

#1. Akanksha Redhu

Blog – akanksharedhu.com

Akanksha Redhu brings in a lot of value in a host of topics ranging from fashion & lifestyle, travel, beauty, luxury and fashion tips.

Akanksha, started the blog to express her ideas, projects and inspirations. The blog later evolved to become a fashion & lifestyle-oriented brand.

On the blog, she discusses fashion trends, fashion inspirations apart from disclosing jewelry and accessories.

The blog features a lookbook, covers fashion events, Akanksha’s travel destinations and her favorite wishlist under the section shop.

#2. Gia

Blog – giasaysthat.com

Gia loves doodles and colors. Right from childhood, she made doodles of people, clothing & shoes. In fact, she started her own t-shirt business when she was young.

She started the blog “Giasaysthat” as an outlet to share her ideas on fashion through images & words.

What started as a 5-minute escape from the mundane work turned into an online world of Fashion, Beauty & Food. On the blog, one can find valuable information on lifestyle, travel, career, events and reviews.

Even, Gia has a style guide and hand-holding classes for blogging and influencer training.

#3. Shalini Chopra

Blog – stylishbynature.com

Shalini Chopra started the fashion and luxury blog “Stylish by Nature” in 2011 with the goal to show how you can be trendy, beautiful, and stylish in all aspects of life.

The blog was ranked as Top Indian Fashion Blogger in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the ‘Best Fashion Blogger – South’ in 2018.

On the blog, Shalini covers useful topics ranging from Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food, Fitness and Bollywood.

The unique thing about the blog is that it covers technology-related reviews which are hard to find with any beauty & fashion blogs.

#4. Fashion Lady

FashionLady covers the latest in fashion trends, Bollywood fashion, seasonal trends, Lifestyle, beauty and much more.

The blog educates readers with the changing trends, designs and updates the fast-growing fashion revolution.

The useful topics include fashion, beauty, hairstyle, health, bridal and designers section.

One can find the newly introduced braids and even the award ceremony outfits worn by actors.

Additionally, the blog educates readers about International trends and designs. That also includes bringing in the glimpses of International Fashion Weeks events and Runways.

#5. Anshita Juneja

Blog – vanitynoapologies.com

Anshita Juneja started “Vanity no Apologies to bring in the latest reviews on the useful fashion products you would love to use.

The readers can benefit from the in-depth reviews, DIY’s, beauty news, in-depth tutorials and beauty tips.

Vanity no apologies blog shares Anshita’s passion for beauty and has a detailed section on caring and beautifying eyes, face and lips. There is also a section on skincare and deep insights on health and wellness.

In case of any doubt, one can use the reader query section – the section that helps you find better answers related to products.

#6. Devina Malhotra

Blog – guiltybytes.com

Devina Malhotra is the face behind the blog Guilty bites. The blog focuses on the 20+ age group and speaks about the latest fashion trends. The contents include fashion, beauty, brides, culture, Bollywood and foods & drinks. She writes in detail about the tips, DIY guides and tutorials on fashion.

While the blog reflects Devina’s understanding of fashion, beauty and lifestyle there is a separate section on love-army and relationships.

Guilty bites cover useful fashion ideas to upgrade readers within a budget.

#7. Mehak Sagar

Blog – peachesandblush.com

Mehak Sagar is an entrepreneur, and her fashion blog “Peaches & Blush” has been covered by Femina and Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Blog is the statement of her beauty and fashion obsessions.

Her blog “Peaches and Blush” covers beauty, fashion, travel & Lifestyle and a useful section on the bridal blog.

You can find a lot of ideas, without BS on anti-aging, good skin, tons of fashion and outfit inspiration and occasional makeup product reviews.

On the blog, she also shares her work and life opinion and travel diaries.

Mehak also has a YouTube channel with tons of tips and resources on beauty, fashion, makeup and lifestyle.

#8. Magali Vaz

Magali Vaz is the founder of the fashion blog. She did when she was a teen of 16 years old. The blog has grown since then to contain lots of resources for beauty, food & other lifestyle ideas.

The in-depth articles are arranged neatly in sections of fashion, beauty, travel, food & Drink and lifestyle.

Presently, Magali Vaz blog is a thriving passionate global community for women to learn, share their experiences & more.

Additionally, the blog has an associated Youtube channel and a Vlog.

#9. Tanya Sachdev

Blog – letsexpresso.com

Tanya Sachdev is the face behind the blog “Lets Expresso”. The blog brings in the latest fashion trends, beauty & fashion tips, lifestyle, travel, food and personal development.

Tanya has been a host to TV shows, she has styled people, launched beauty products like lipsticks and nail paints.

She has worked with leading brands to bring in the latest fashion. For example, she has a TV show on Tata Sky Beauty. The channel gives viewers the most sought after fashion & style tips.

#10. Tashiara

Tashiara’s blog is a one-stop resource for fashion-minded people be it young girls, boys, men or women.

She covers the latest in fashion, makeup, fitness regimes, and beauty hacks. The news section brings in the scenes from the star-studded events, award shows, red carpet events and global music festivals.

The blog has ideas, tips and to-dos in sections of skincare, makeup, fashion, hair nutrition and lifestyle.

#11. Sarmistha Goswami

Blog – styleovercoffee.com

Style over Coffee is the brainchild of Sarmistha Goswami. She is a NIFT graduate and experienced fashion designer with over a decade of industry experience.

Her idea of fashion is to be aware of the latest trends and the know-how to incorporate those trends to match your personality and feeling comfortable in being yourself.

She advises not to blindly copy the celebrities and the runway models but to focus on personal style and statement.

The blog covers fashion, beauty, travel and useful information on outfits. To help the readers more on fashion and DIY tips she has video tutorials.

Sarmistha also runs a blog tutorial helping fellow fashion bloggers.


Those were the best fashion bloggers, who keep you updated and inspired by the latest happenings in the world of fashion.

You can feel confident, make excellent beauty selections and even learn a lot through tutorials. If you happen to find any other useful fashion blogs then you can help me update the list by sharing the blog information in comments.