This Lazy Dusshera Dessert Will Make Your Guests & Their Tummies Plum!


Hello! I am Neeru, a Food Blogger from Delhi. You met me during JWB’s blogging workshop, Bloggy Boogie with EatStory. Yeah, it was because of me that a lot of students got an excuse to eat burgers.

As a Pastry Chef, I am often expected to prepare desserts during festivities at home. But, secretly, all I want to do is to chill. During Christmas, I’m on a baking spree – puddings, fruit cakes, ginger cookies and endless sweet nothings, for which I toil hard for hours. So, Dusshera is my holiday. It’s that time of the year when all I want to do is to enjoy season’s first Sarson Ka Saag and sleep.

But, isn’t that like a cardinal sin to mothers? So, my mom kept pestering me to make something sweet. Luckily, I found dried apricots and some plums in my pantry. Ditching the tradition of making a cake, I decided to make Dried Apricot and Plum Jam. Why? Well, firstly, I utterly adore homemade jams and secondly, it didn’t require me to bake laboriously. Thankfully, even though the process was simple, the jam turned out great! My family loved it and we even gifted some to our friends and relatives. It was a perfect personalized gift and believe me, I was a star despite acting like a lazy bum.

Now that the Dusshera gifts are ready, I am happily back to being a couch potato.

Happy Jamming People!

Dried Apricot and Plum Jam 

Dried Apricot (soaked and deseeded) 500 Grams
Sugar 375 Grams
Plums (sliced) 5-6 small
Orange Blossom Water 1 TBSP (Tablespoon)
Lime Juice ½ Lime


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Image Courtesy: EatStory Art