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Attention Ladies, Watch The Making Of ‘It’ Bags By Nilam Arya Here!

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  •  October 8, 2015


Your younger years are a great time to experiment with fashion. Who said that? Owner of fashion boutique ‘Suruchi’, Nilam Arya, is all set to prove such theories wrong with our campaign ‘Classroom on Wheels’.

Nilam is already a star on our blog page after she shared her incredible thoughts on World Peace Day. In ‘Classroom on Wheels’, she is experimenting with an old school bag by turning it into something useful. 5

Her creations will be sold at the event happening on October 11, where people from all walks of life are invited to buy designers’ art pieces made out of old school bags. The proceedings from the sale will be used as an after-school aid for slum kids across Jaipur. JWB is planning to hire teacher(s), rent a mini-van apart from buying other items like carpets, books, study lamps, to take daily classes of these underprivileged kids.

Nilam told us about the small utility bags that she is making using the inner fabric of the bag we handed her over sometime back. She said, “Since the inner part is black in color, it allows me to do some colorful experimentation.”


She pointed out at few sample pieces: 1

“Can you see these? The surface can be made more decorative suiting the taste of people buying it. One bag will have prints, other will be adorned with decorative materials like sequin and gota-patti.”11

Nilam is sure about one thing – to not waste any part of the bag during the making. She remarked, “Be it the bag’s net fabric or its straps, I will be using all of it.”8

True to her mysterious nature, Nilam candidly told us, “I am not revealing anything more than this. Rest you need to find out at the final event. Okay?”12

Okay, Nilam aunty, we shall be there. And you?

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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