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Binder – An App To Breakup. Huh?!

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  •  June 25, 2015

Having an app to break up with someone is ridiculous.
Tinder, the famous dating app, has come up with a new version called Binder where couples can break off their relationship! The app will send a rude message to the one you want to break up with along with a voicemail.

How to: Binder asks you to choose the gender of the person you’re dumping along with their name and number. You select your breakup excuse of choice. The reason chosen by you will go to them as a text message. See below:originalThe pre-recorded voice message works on the same scheme.

Fascinated? Binder is available on iOS and Android. The creator Tennent’s Lager (a beer brand) says the app is made just for fun. We doubt. What do you think?

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