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Brand H&M Hires Its First Hijab-Clad Model

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  •  October 1, 2015


Meet the beautiful and confident Mariah Idrissi, the new model at H&M. She is 23 years old and lives in London.

? Thank youuu to @haaniiin masha'Allah such talented artist who emailed me this haha love it #hm

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Mariah told BuzzFeed Life, “H&M is such a huge retailer, and to finally have someone Muslim in hijab representing the brand is amazing to show. I think it’s important to use women in hijab because Islam is the second largest religion in the world.”

Taking a stroll and realising this council really needs to fix up. #ThemTouristPoses #Morning ✌?️

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In another interview with Fusion, she said, “H&M asked how much in terms of neck I could show, but to be honest they were very respectful. If the cameramen noticed something not quite right, they would call a woman over to fix me. One of the watches was dangling in the wrong way, and rather than just twisting it on my wrist, the cameraman asked a woman to come over. It just showed that little bit of respect.”

Congratulations Ms. Mariah, and well done H&M.

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