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Campaign #DropTheTowel Inspires You To Accept Your Body The Way It Is

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  •  July 20, 2015

#FuckFatPhobia – it’s the hashtag that is inspiring women to drop the shame of their body-image. Thanks to the campaign by ‘Wear Your Voice’ called as #DropTheTowel.

The campaign describes itself as: “…a movement for all body shapes, sizes, colors, and genders to proudly proclaim that they are done hiding their already beautiful beach/pool/lake or otherwise summer body – and are ready to lose that cover-up and drop the towel!”

Campaigns like this encourage people to come out of the trauma of body-shaming and accept their looks and bodies as they are. Such campaigns speak of loving the self which, according to us, is the best message we can spread across.

Founder and Editor-in-chief of Wear Your Voice, Ravneet Vohra told The Huffington Post, “I think we as a society have to ask ourselves this — What exactly is a ‘bikini body’ and what are we doing to perpetuate the crisis we face around the false imagery we and our younger generation are subjected to. Is there room for change and growth as a society? Yes there is!”

See the pictures of the women who participated in the campaign. We love their confidence while they ‘drop the towel’ and reveal their natural self in front of the camera.55a8215b1900002600b86d9a 55a811151200002b0013533a 55a811151200002b0013533b 55a811151200002c0013533c 55a811151300002b00939fce 55a811151300002b00939fcf 55a811161300002b00939fd1 55a811151900002500b86d78 55a811151900002500b86d79

Inspiring, eh? See what people admiring the campaign have to say:

“So happy to see young women embracing their own bodies as they are. I’m 54 and spent my youth hearing” if you lost weight you could be a model.” I NEVER wanted to be a model and it wasn’t until many years later I realized that people only judged me by my appearance not who was the real me. It is only in the past few years that I have finally learned to shut that script off I my head. So you go women! We are more that a photoshopped image!!!”

“I have psoriasis on my feet, ankles & hands and I get all kinds of stares and comments if I wear flip-flops or anything that doesn’t cover my feet and ankles (my worst spots). I’m so tired of saying “No its not contagious” and avoiding cute summer clothes, shoes & pedicures!”55a804101300002c00939f39

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