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Help Us Encourage the Artist in Akansha Agarwal!

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  •  May 24, 2015


Jaipur is full of creative women. We guess, this city has got the maximum number of female jewelry/fashion designers in whole India. We met one such woman who is sharing her creative side with us.

Meet Akansha Agarwal, a teacher at Step By Step School. Akansha is fond of art and keeps on experimenting with its various kinds.

_MG_6509aJWB – Hello Akansha! You have got a pretty room!

Akansha – It has a story behind. These almirahs at the corner, I never liked their dull grey color. I kept asking my mother to get them removed. When she didn’t pay any heed to my request, I decided to color them! I then put colorful handmade sheets over them and started painting. You can also notice mirror work, colorful finger-prints, leaf-prints, patchwork, etc on it. All this took me less than a week.

_MG_6633aJWB – And how can we miss these little paper butterflies hanging at the corner!

Akansha – I love art with minute detailing.

JWB – So, did you go to any classes during childhood?

Akansha – No. My mother is a textile designer who provoked my creative side in childhood. She encouraged me to draw, paint and make artful things with crafts paper. I think I have picked up from there.

JWB – Do you make gifts for your loved ones?

Akansha – A lot. I have gift cards, key wall holders, hand bags, decorative items, etc.

JWB – Show us few.

Akansha – Using ceramic work, I have created key holders.

_MG_6568a Paper Mache is another art using which I have made few photo frames. This huge mirror is also my imagination. I love seeing myself in it!

cover1Using stencils and POP moulds, I have created these fridge magnets. People tell me they are cute, are they? Coloring them is the hard part since they are tiny.

_MG_6590aThese bags are yet to be painted.

_MG_6630aAnd, this paper folder is something I have never gifted to anybody yet.

_MG_6594aJWB – Why? It is so creative. What else have you made but never gifted?

Akansha (laughs) – This Baby Spam-book that I had made for one of my friends. I wanted to gift it during her pregnancy but by the time I completed it, the baby already turned 2 months old.

_MG_6519aJWB – Oh, you should have.

Akansha – It has a page dedicated to every activity baby does for the 1st time. It also has space where the photos of relatives can be put, capturing their various reactions seeing the baby.

_MG_6542aJWB – You should start selling these ideas.

Akansha – I am thinking to sell my paintings though.

_MG_6614aJWB – They are beautiful, Akansha. You are an amazing artist. We strongly suggest you to turn this hobby into entrepreneurship.

Akansha – Thank you! I will definitely think about it.

_MG_6629aDo you like Akansha’s creativity and think she must turn it commercial? Encourage her in the comments below!

Photographer:  Shashank K Tyagi

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