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JWB Is Envious Of This Couple’s Bruised Passports. So We Talked It Out With Them.

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  •  January 7, 2017


Meet Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja. Their self-introduction on the internet reveals they were school sweethearts who got married a few years ago. After enjoying the big fat salary cheques for some time in London, they quit their respective juicy jobs to explore the world.

Say whaaaaaat?

Happily, they’ve christened it the ‘Best Decision Ever’. And why not? So far, they’ve traveled to more than 40 countries, slept under the starry skies, had dinner dates with wild animals and befriended soldiers of unknown countries.


Their joint venture is called ‘Bruised Passports’, and if to go by its literal meaning, you will not be surprised. Below is our chat with the beautiful couple that travels and later, blogs about the scenic and amusing experiences to inspire others.

What is ‘Bruised Passport’?

Bruised Passports is our full-time career and the best job in the world. We had saved money while working in London and created a travel fund that we are using now to finance our travels. We also earn a bit from our freelance photography and writing, from working with brands, and from advertisements on our site. That said, there’s no set income every month, but we don’t mind since our main aim is to garner experiences at the moment.

And what an unusual name ‘Bruised Passports’ is. Who came up with it? 

Well, that’ll have to be Vid. We were discussing possible names one day and came up with names ranging from Battered Passports to Dog-eared Passports. Then suddenly Vid said ‘Bruised Passports’ and we both knew that was perfect.

Describe your life before ‘Bruised Passports’. Was quitting the job the most courageous step ever?

We were both working full-time in London before we decided to quit our jobs to travel the world. Indeed, quitting our corporate jobs to travel and work on the go has to be the most courageous step ever.

Did you ever feel unsafe?

Not at all!

How has your married relationship evolved with traveling?


We have gotten to know each other more (if that was ever possible. Lol!) and respect each other more.

Since you’ve witnessed the most dreamy of places, what’s your idea of a romantic date while traveling?

A picnic in woodland with fresh fruits, wine, and cheese.


Name five must-haves in a couple-travelers bag.

It can vary from couple to couple, but our top 5 will have to be a camera, iPod, earphone splitter, our favourite book, and sunscreen.

Do you guys argue what and what not to pack? 

We carry a cabin bag and suitcase each and get to decide what we pack in our own bags. No fighting!

Vid, what is your protocol to finalize a destination? Does the wife win all the time?

To be honest, Savi is the planner between the two of us. We both come up with destinations pretty much randomly and Savi then plans the entire trip to perfection!

I love how you have replied to every message and comment on the ‘Bruised Passports’ FB and Instagram page. Why is it important to keep your followers in the loop?

We started ‘Bruised Passports’ with the single aim of showing Indian travelers out there the art of possible. We feel blessed to have people who take out time from their busy schedules to read and see what we have to share. The least we can do is reply to their comments and emails. Helping people plan a trip gives us immense pleasure.

I see a LOT of fashion element in your travel pictures. How can a traveler explore fashion?

It’s all about adding some colour and variety in the clothes one packs. Although jeans and sneakers are super comfortable, sometimes it’s fun to leave the denims at home and pack maxi dresses, kimonos, and dapper jackets.

On this note, Savi, I love your summer-y maxis. Give us some tips on how to stay fashionable while traveling at that, comfortable.

Faraway mountains, deserted plains and barren plateaux -Ladakh is definitely one for your gypsy atlas 😍✌️✨✨

A photo posted by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on

It’s best not to get bogged down by what’s trending and what’s not. Instead, one should wear what one feels confident in. It’s a good idea to experiment with different colours too – over time you’ll find out which one looks the best on you. Also, I tend to use the same item of clothing or accessory in different styles e.g. a bright blue picnic spread can also be used as a beach cover-up.

Also, I see a wrist tattoo. What does it signify?

It’s actually an abstract design I saw on the internet once and loved it. It doesn’t really signify anything!

And Vid, unlike most men, I can see you experimenting often. I want to steal that huge pink shawl around your neck and monochrome Aztec Kimono. Talk about men’s travel-style.

100% munchkin 😍 👫#bruisedpassports #hippie #travelfashion #roundtheworld #peru #southamerica #AirFrancetoPeru #travel

A photo posted by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on

Aah! I love that Aztec kimono. We picked that up from Peru. Savi has inspired me, and I love adding colour to my outfits when travelling. Also, often it’s too hot to wear denims, and that’s when I wear dhoti-pants or printed pyjamas.

Booze, bed, book, and a boy who doles out kisses on demand. Now, could I have this all day, everyday 😻😂

A photo posted by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on

I might sound stupid, but carrying ALL these clothes and accessories must be costing you a hell lot of baggage charges. Ammirite?

Not at all. We carry 1 suitcase each and have never paid extra baggage charges. Over the years we have learned the art of packing only those clothes and accessories that we need.

Traveling also means food-exploration. What has been the best and weirdest food experience so far?

Vid loves eating so he’s a happy bunny wherever there are different dishes to try. The best food experience has been in Peru – the explosion of flavours in Peruvian food is second to none. The weirdest will have to be trying fried insects and tarantula in Cambodia.

Savi, how easy/difficult is it to pose for the photographer husband?

Haah! It used to annoy me quite a lot in the beginning when Vid would take hours to click one photo. But over time you get used to it and begin to understand the nuances of photography. These days I can read Vid’s mind and am ready for a shot in no time.

Who gets to do the off-roading?

Vid is the one who enjoys it and does it all the time.

Do you guys travel in groups, too?

We tend to avoid traveling in groups as we love to explore a place in our own style.

Tell me about the most memorable/emotional trip?

It’ll have to be the night we spent ashore Lake Wanaka when driving through New Zealand. It was just the two of us, a lonely tree in the emerald lake, and millions of stars for company.

Savi, you once posed in front of a board that said – ‘Too many things to do, not enough time.’ Talk about your bucket list. 

We’ll soon be crossing Alaska off our bucket list. Other than that, we’d love to go to Antarctica, Mongolia, and Tanzania.

One (strict) message for those (like me) who only plan but never go travel.

We like to tell everyone that it’s not important to quit your job to travel. What’s important is to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and go explore a new place. Planning and executing a trip sounds difficult but is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

Alright, here’s the last and MOST important question. Are you guys coming to Jaipur anytime soon?

No bad days 😀👫 #bruisedpassportsXdiscoverychannel #taiwan

A photo posted by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on

We’d love to come to Jaipur. In fact, we are planning a trip to Rajasthan in December and would love to explore the beautiful city of Jaipur.

Psst! After learning about their story, all I want to do is grab my partner and go far far away. I strongly believe that a couple that travels together grows stronger together. 

This article first appeared on July 13, 2016.7

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