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Kangana Ranaut Spills The Beans About Shooting Intimate Scenes

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  •  September 19, 2015


Bollywood doesn’t shy away from physical intimacy. Every other film these days has at the least one or two scenes which show the actors in an intimate situation.

While some people find these scenes amusing, some others wonder what actually happens ‘behind the scenes’ on the set.

Well, the latter are in for a treat because look who from the B-Town spoke about this mystery recently… the girl with curls to die for… Kangana Ranaut.

In a recent interview during the promotions of her film Katti Batti, Kangana candidly and playfully talked about her experiences while shooting intimate scenes. Hear what the gorgeous woman has to say:

“I react to it (an intimate scene) when I read it. If I’m convinced about it and if I’ve got my character right, then it just flows through. Then it’s not like that as soon as I’ve done my scene I go ‘shawl kahan hai meri izzat bachaa lo! Meri cleavage na kisiko dikh jaaye, bachaa lo mujhe!’ (laughs)”

Okay. Correction. This is a girl with curls and confidence to die for! Need we say we adore you Kangana?

And while she was at it, she also offered an insight of the director’s mind. Hmmm… this is interesting.

“There are some directors also like that. If you’re wearing short clothes and standing, they’d go ‘madam ko kuch do bhai’. Kyun do bhai? Why can’t you see me like this? It’s very ‘inko dhakaiye’. And I’m like I’ve shot the entire scene for half a day, it’s going to be out for everyone to see and you can’t see me in shorts?”

Wish all actresses were as ‘cut-the-crap-and-get-to-the-point’ like her. I’m sure that would spare our dear B-Town a lot of hypocrisy! What say?

By the way, have you watched Katti Batti yet? I haven’t. Tell me how it is.

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