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‘Kati patang’ vs. ‘Kate hue par’ in life of Kartika Nagar

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  •  January 16, 2015


As the kites rose in the sky, there were other kites that were falling down as their prey. While children were running to catch hold of the ‘kati patang’, there was a group of people looking for the ‘kate hue par’.


Given the number of injured birds, an NGO named People for Animals organizes rescue camps every year to save winged birds which are hurt with manjha. We decided to visit one of their Camps at Albert Hall, Jaipur. There we were introduced to a brave girl Kartika Nagar who had volunteered for the good deed. Being a final year student at Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine, she dreams of helping injured animals and birds throughout her life.


JWB – It’s good to see people helping out, not demanding anything in return.

Kartika – Yes it is. And there is no give and take policy in this service. We are doctors, so we feel the same about these animals as we feel about humans. In this camp we are making people aware of this welfare and encouraging them to protect animals from being harmed knowingly or unknowingly.


She then introduced us to Sahil Singhal, vice president of People for Animals.

Sahil: It’s painful to see the injured birds. They are mute, they can’t even understand what’s just happened on their living ground. A moment they are high in the sky and then suddenly they are flightless.


We met a few veterinary doctors at the camp who felt devoted to treating the birds.

JWB – How many birds have you saved till now?

Jaspinder and Anmol – Two hundred. (together)


Jaspinder – A lot of pigeons, 11 kites, 2 peacocks and a few parrots.

JWB – This many? How do you manage to treat these wounded birds? They can be anywhere around.

Anmol – We have a lot of volunteers here. As soon as we get a call, we rush to the place with first aid kit for the primary care and then bring them here for the complete treatment.

JWB – What happens during the complete treatment?


Kartika  – The birds can’t tell their pain, and they are in shock so they don’t struggle. We apply stitches if necessary and feed them with open syringe. We have prepared some shoe boxes filled with leaves. Holes have been made on the boxes’ upper lids. These are for injured birds so that they can breathe and rest there without moving much.


JWB – How many of them survive?

Kartika – Almost each of them. The treatment is all about recovery from shock the bird suffers.

JWB – How do you guys feel after saving their lives?

Anmol – Bahut accha lagta hai!

Jaspinder – Inko bhi dard hota hai. Insaan nahi toh kya zindagi toh hai inme bhi.


Kartika – As a vet, it always feels good to help animals when we take away their pain.

JWB – Don’t you feel fear holding an injured bird and blood flowing all over?

Kartika – Not at all! It’s my job and I chose to be a Doctor.  Come with me I’ll show you around.

IMG_5740We tagged along her and wondered where she was taking us. Just outside the camp, by the side of the road, we saw many people feeding grains to the pigeons. With joy, she went ahead and sat among the pigeons.

Kartika – Look! They haven’t flown away. Because they know we are not going to hurt them and they trust. They are just like us. Why not take care of them too.


JWB – This is how you thought of choosing veterinary studies. You love them.

Kartika – My dad is a vet. I grew up in an environment where it was everyday routine to take care of injured or troubled animals. Gradually, I was in love with the idea of becoming a vet and be like my father. He is the inspiration behind my career.

JWB – And how do you motivate other people to do the same?


Kartika – I’ve joined ‘People for Animals’ for this purpose; creating awareness through internet like Facebook, Twitter and connecting with people with the help of Whatsapp; Sending messages, pamphlets on a large scale. We tell them how to give first-aid to the animals or to call us for the rescue. We are also associating with other charitable trusts to get a wide network.

JWB – That’s admirable! Any message you would like to share with Jaipur women?

Kartika – Everyone should come forward to help injured animals. People should know that they are as alive as humans, and they deserve our love and care too. And for women, no need to be afraid of pursuing a career in veterinary studies. We automatically empathize with anyone who is in pain. So, a little blood shouldn’t scare us. We are delicate but we are stronger than we look. We have more compassion and humility, hence we can heal others even more effectively.

IMG_5726Today we’ve learnt that it’s not about just a job. It’s more than that; it’s about humanity and compassion. An increased awareness is what we want. We shall contribute to the welfare not just with funds but with our volunteered hearts too.

Interviewed by Neelima Nausaliya

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