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Neha Lodha Sings Lalla Lalla Lullabies For Infant Daughter Yasha

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  •  November 19, 2015


We have accepted English language as our own, and even that’s fine, kind sir. Merging cultures is always a good thing, right? But then what’s wrong with our mentalities to dispose our own beautiful language?

Hindi to humaari matra bhaasha hai na?

Why is it cool only to talk in English? We aren’t proud of our language. In fact, we tend to even diss those who cannot speak “good” English. Gawaar.

Of course, the local language creates a very real emotional connect with our real ones. We grow up speaking our mother tongue, but as we meet new people and learn how English is considered a cooler language, we miss out on the warmth of Hindi.

We were inspired by Mr. Manish Gupta’s initiative to make Hindi look cool! Mr. Manish Gupta is a Filmmaker, Director, Columnist, etc. who brings people together to recite forgotten Hindi kavitas.

This year, we celebrated Children’s day by doing something different. We’ve shot videos of mothers, grandmothers singing lullabies in Hindi to their sons/daughters.

We met Neha Lodha, her mother-in-law and her daughter Yasha. She accepted to be having a bad “Hindi”, but when we heard her she was pretty good, she could even recite poems in Hindi without much hesitation.

When we reached Neha’s place, a little girl who was sitting in the room with a massive glass window, waved. We waved back, and she came to open the door for us. She dragged a chair, struggled to climb up on it, and latched the gate open.

She accompanied us to Neha’s room where she and Yasha were waiting.

Neha, who has spent a large part of her life in Israel, told us how the Israelis have immense inclination towards their mother tongue.

Neha said, “Back in Israel, we barely saw any billboards written in English, they have immense love and respect for their mother tongue, and they do not popularize English as their official language.”

“Let’s begin?” We asked Neha.

With a nod of approval from her, we started shooting a home video of the lullaby time!

Neha, her mother-in-law, little Yasha and a couple of her cousins sat as Neha began her storytelling.

Here in the second song, Neha was singing for Yasha, whose eyes were fixed on the camera!

Neha’s mother-in-law took Yasha into her arms to narrate her old-school poetry. Here’s what it looked like! Yasha’s cousin danced to her aunt’s tunes.

Hindi sure is our matra bhasha but we have a hard time remembering more words in Hindi than in English. Neha forgets poetry that she learnt way back in school. But we are impressed by her memory for sure!

What’s your say on the topic? Let us know!

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