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A story of the Curly Wurly Chocolatier – Shanti Bhandari

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  •  January 21, 2015

Today let’s get inspired by this woman – Shanti Bhandari. A wife, mother of two grown -ups and now an entrepreneur, she is currently most excited about her new business – “Curly Wurly Chocolatier”.  Shanti’s abilities to run a home-made chocolate business can teach us how we can start a business using a small amount of money, a small space at home with a big passion.  DSC_0091

The beginning.DSC_0124

I was a housewife, until one day I had realized how the income of a wife could do wonders with home budgets. I decided to earn in order to not put the entire burden on my husband. I began with giving a paying guest accommodation to students from other cities. I made use of the vacant rooms in the house and my cooking abilities to provide them finest of home cooked food. The earned money was mostly saved by me. The feeling of 1st earning is still fresh and motivating.

 ‘Curly Wurly Chocolatier’ was by chance.

So one day I received a call from the mother of one of my tenants. It was her son’s birthday the next day, and she asked me to buy chocolates to be gifted on her behalf. By the time I realized going to market, it was already 10 pm – just 2 hours before his birthday. I knew there would be no shops open and hence, I was left with only one option – to make the chocolates at home. I didn’t want to disappoint the mother, after all.DSC_0126

I learned chocolate making 20 yrs ago and today was the time I had to prove my abilities to myself. I quickly started the work and tada…in 2 hours I had many chocolate pieces for him. The boy was extremely happy, and so was his mother. After that, I knew what I wanted to do in my life.DSC_0137

Obstacles faced.DSC_0122

I started getting orders from neighbors, relatives and slowly from strangers too. I used the savings from the accommodation business for starting this new venture. Since I didn’t want to put money into renting a small shop or space to make chocolates, I made use of my kingdom – the home kitchen!DSC_0131 Another difficulty was lack of manpower that emerged along with increase in orders. My two kids were my support during that time. My daughter Preetika still helps me with quickly wrapping the chocolates. This is how I saved from spending even at the initial stage.

Quality check.DSC_0134

I am very particular about it. I don’t sell what I don’t eat. And this is the reason that I don’t put my chocolates in the shops for sale. They can taste bad if not sold fresh and I absolutely don’t want people to start hating foiled chocolates. That’s why I take personal orders and deliver fresh in every shape and size.DSC_0093

Want to start-up something of your own? Take few tips from Mrs. Bhandari:DSC_0146

  • You can start your any small business in just less than Rs. 10,000.
  • If you can’t think of anything to start a business, remember your ability to cook. A food business can never fail. Never.
  • Start with your home. It’s comfortable to work from plus, you can look after household chores and children.
  • Don’t look for a team; let your family be the one. It’s fun working together. The family members can look after budgeting, shopping of the raw materials from market, packaging, delivering and even marketing – word of mouth among their friends.

If you want to taste Shanti’s home-made delicious chocolates and desire to place an order, feel free to call her at 09314252567. She is famous for her Chocolate-bouquets decorated with dry flowers with prices starting from just Rs. 500/-. She delivers for parties and weddings. DSC_0101PS – ‘Like’ her Facebook page  to encourage the endeavor! DSC_0118– by Lavanya Bahuguna

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