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Sunita  Shekhawat: Nothing that is easily achievable is ever worth achieving

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  •  June 1, 2015


Her jewels burst with colours and ripple with life, as her delicate enamel work weaves its magic around rose-cut diamonds, pearls and precious stones. Born in a Rajput family, Sunita Shekhawat has been called the ‘Hermès of India’, the new ‘Midas’ and ‘Queen of Kundan’ for her designs. She is famous for her exclusive high end bridal jewellery in Kundan Meena, Jadau, Polki diamonds and precious stones.


She specialises in exclusive jewellery designs predominantly for the royalties and has clientele that covers Bollywood celebs and top-notch business families. Her designer jewellery studio was inaugurated by none other than the style icon – Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur.

Below is her story, and for anyone who has ever had the slightest inclination to start a business of their own, I suggest you take a read:

JWB: Give us a little background, how did you get into jewellery design?

Sunita: Jewellery designing had always been my hobby, which later turned into a profession. I was always fascinated by exquisite jewellery designs. My fore-fathers and great fore-fathers had links with the Raj Gharanas of Jodhpur, and therefore, I got to see their beautifully hand crafted jewellery which otherwise is not accessible to others. These visits to view the collection of the past era inspired me to create designer pieces of my own.


JWB: Tell us about your business struggles in the beginning.

Sunita: Most of the Rajput women are restricted to domestic life, but I firmly decided to materialize my dreams. Obviously, the beginning was not a rosy one at all, not praised either. But since the beginning of my career, I was confident about my skills and abilities as a designer.

I believe that nothing that is easily achievable is ever worth achieving. I started without any support but with my flair and love for jewellery designing. Being a woman in this male-dominated business, it was really challenging. However I soon realized that staying strong, focussed and continue doing hard work was the only key.


JWB: If any young designer wants to start a business today, what kind of advice would you like to give?

Sunita: With new entrants into the field, competition is definitely getting stronger. Those who exhibit real talent certainly get noticed, appreciated and eventually supported. Whatever may be the career path, firm determination and hard work is inimitable to achieve success.

Every unconventional career has three stages. During the first one, everyone from friends to foes criticises your work – and only a few well-wishers stand by you. This is the decisive phase. If you follow your dreams, the next phase, which eventually comes, is when you are appreciated. The last and the best phase is when people start following your trends.


JWB: What role does your family play in your success?

Sunita: My mother has been my guardian angel throughout, and she has moulded me into what I am today. And in the years that followed, my husband has always been giving me encouragement.


JWB: Who is your muse?

Sunita: My creation depicts any woman who is independent in her thinking and sensibilities, is artistic and classy.


JWB: Talk about your designs and what are the inspirations behind their respective origins?

Sunita: I will show you two of my favourite collections: ‘Neelpushpa’ & ‘Neelkamal’

‘Neelpushpa’ is a fusion inspired from the royal Rajasthani lineage combined with the Turkish art. The collection has typical blue pottery colours with motifs inspired from frescoes and murals of the heritage ‘havelis’ of Rajasthan and the interior art of Blue mosque in Turkey.

Another collection ‘Neelkamal’ is a concept of the pure hand-drawn detailed jewellery with lotus petals and leaves in shades of the soft pink and white. Also, both the collections have eclectic stone artwork.


JWB: Share with us your upcoming plans.

Sunita: We are preparing for Vogue Wedding Show 2015, and I am very excited about it. This is a big platform where I get to display my jewellery on a bigger runway.

Earrings from the collection 'Neelkamal'

Earrings from the collection ‘Neelkamal’

JWB: Any Jewellery Designer you admire the most?

Sunita: I admire many designers for their creativity and technology. One of them is Cartier that is widely known for designing the finest and unique pieces of jewellery for the royalty.

Handcuff from her new collection

Handcuff from the new collection

JWB: Tell us, how women can quickly switch from a day-look to a gorgeous evening-look with only jewellery?

Sunita: Women generally keep the look simple during daytime by wearing not-so-heavy earrings and ring. For a stunning night look, they can simply go for a cocktail ring and wear a handcuff, or maybe a small pendant according to the outfit.

Earrings from the collection 'Neelverna'

Earrings from the collection ‘Neelverna’

JWB: Back to struggles women win every day. Do you think work-life balance is a myth?

Sunita: It’s not a myth, I have achieved it! Actually, it is very easy for women to balance their work life and personal life since they are born with the quality of multi-tasking.

Ring from the collection 'Neelpushpa'

Ring from the collection ‘Neelpushpa’

JWB: Any message for our women readers?

Sunita: Use your skills to become financially independent. Every person is gifted with some kind of talent, use yours and become strong as a person.

Isn’t her collection stunning with a strong hint of our rich culture? You can check out more of it here.

Photograph by: Shashank Tyagi

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