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This Video Narrates The Plight Of Every Expecting Parent

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  •  August 4, 2015

Parenthood is overwhelming. When you are pregnant, the way you make plenty of plans and fill your life with expectations is irresistible.

The owners of the blog ‘Story of This Life’ have made a new video called ‘Remember when you thought you had it all figured out?’ to speak the agony each parent goes through.

Esther Anderson has a toddler-girl Ellia and the life around her is pretty interesting. This video features Ellia & the couple’s life before and after it.

Watch it:

When We Have KidsRemember when you thought you had it all figured out? Munchkin

Posted by Story of This Life on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Isn’t it every parent’s story? We couldn’t agree more with some of the comments this video has got:

“I NEVER had it figured out… my goal for the day is no broken bones… and full tummies”

“Yep my husband and I said the same things with our first child! LOL!! Boy we were wrong!! Three kids later and we still figuring out stuff!!”

“Oh kids bring reality to our lives and I learned never to say never.”

“Yesterday my wife told me that she will remove the diaper of our 18-month child … She said: “looks like he is ready and don’t worry he will never let go” She was right, poop was everywhere after 1 hour, especially on my blanket and pillow.”

Our motto when the kids were little was everything is a stage once you figure it out the change. Go with the flow.

Tell us your views about it in the comments below!

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