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Video: Little Girls Give Men Dating Advice

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  •  September 14, 2015


So men are you in a fix about how to approach the girl whom you like? How about taking the advice of these little girls, who may look small but have solutions to all your questions.

In a video that has appeared at cosmopolitan, a group of three toddlers can be seen helping out young man who are in a dire need of advice on striking up a conversation with girls.

“Tell her that her hair is pretty.”

“You can make up a funny joke and text it to her. I think she would like her.”

Much like seasoned dating experts, you can see these young ladies dolling out advice:


Did you see how one of the toddlers made a farting sound and suggested that a man should send this sound to his girlfriend since she would find it funny. Lol!

Perhaps the most touching and feel-good moment for me was at the end of the video when all these ‘wise’ little girls hugged each other in a huddle and said that they are best friends forever.

If your little one has a funny dating advice, mention it in the comments below!

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