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Lavanya Bahuguna


Denmark’s first Women-led Mosque Finally Opens

  • JWB Post
  •  February 16, 2016


This first female-led mosque is an achievement. Here, all the imams are going to be women, however, the men will be allowed to offer prayers except on Fridays.

Sherin Khankan, a well-known commentator and author in Denmark, said, “We have normalised patriarchal structures in our religious institutions. Not just in Islam, but also within Judaism and Christianity and other religions. And we would like to challenge that.”

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In spite of the negative feedback, JWB is happy the community decided to take the idea forward. This will help their women become more confident about themselves.

Sherin told that there was “an Islamic tradition allowing women to be imams” and that most of the criticism was based on ignorance. “We haven’t received any threats whatsoever. Our project was not about judging or excluding anybody,” said Sherin.

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