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Komal Panwar


JWB Talks To The Cute Little Ballet Students Of ‘Stripes Inc.’

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  •  February 15, 2016


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in learning a dance form like ballet. I have always loved how subtle, sophisticated and delicate it looks! I got a chance to visit ‘Stripes Inc.’, where Adittee Somani trains little butterflies in the intricate art of Ballet dancing. The best part about is that it’s for all age groups!

The moment I walked through the door, I felt like a hundred colorful butterflies were dancing around me. It was then that Adittee asked the little butterflies to pose for the camera that was being manhandled by our Lovy in the ‘fifth dancing position.’

One by one, Adittee collected girls from different batches in different colored ballet dresses.

They were so pretty that I thought I could steal at least one of them and decorate my wardrobe. Anyway… coming out of my craziness, and without scaring you away…

I wanted to talk to the little girls and do an interactive ‘question and answer round’ with them. Brace yourselves! I asked them all come close to each other, and put forth the questions I had for them.

Without listening to the questions, the excited bunch had already begun jumping while raising their hands. Playing the role of the ‘fair’ person that I am, I told them that they were only supposed to answer once the question was asked.

Me: Why did you join ballet classes?

Avishi: One day, I came back from school and mumma said I have to go somewhere, so come with me. She brought me here and asked if I wanted to learn ballet, and I got really excited and said yes!

Apal: My mother asked me if I wanted to join ballet and I said that I did!

Nandini: Because it’s dancing!

Anika (Jain): (They wanted me to specify Anika Jain because there were two Anikas in the class) One day, mom informed me that there is a dance class happening. That time, I didn’t know what ballet meant. And because it was new, I joined.

Looks like all the little princesses joined ballet because of their mothers! Here’s what the mothers had to say.

Bharti: After only two days of joining the classes, I realized it worked as a great confidence booster.

Others, joining in: We all joined to dance. We have also joined Salsa classes.

By the way, what interested me the most was that the girls had also prepared a dance on the theme of Game of Thrones and performed it in Jaipur’s second Ballet Expose. So, these kids are cute and badass!

Adittee: Ballet is a strict and disciplined and one of the most graceful dance forms. The kids especially love dancing on their toes. 

Me: What songs do you girls want to dance to next?

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo!


Baby Doll!

Hawa Hawai!

I can dance to any song!

Me: What do you like to do apart from dancing?

And different answers were pouring

Art! Singing! Sports! Kho-kho! Throw ball! Basketball! Football!

Me: Which actor/actress would you like to dance with?

Anushka Sharma!

Deepika Padukone!

Ranveer Singh!

Wow, that was fun! I was wondering what the excited bunch would do without their teachers around. Kill me with their cuteness maybe! The best part about Stripes Inc. is that it’s for all age groups!

Wanna learn ballet? You can contact them here. 

Photo Courtesy: Lavanya Bahuguna

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