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Komal Panwar


Expecting & New Mums in Ahmedabad, Let’s Bust A Move With Rita Singha’s “Maa No Garbo”

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  •  October 10, 2015


Navratri festival is almost here, guys! But most of the expecting mums are probably happy sitting at home as they do not want to be squished between dandia maniacs. Rita Singha has come up with something extraordinary for expecting and new mums.

For the pregnant garba enthusiasts, she has organized “Maa no Garbo”, which is entirely for such women. So women in Ahemdabad, come along to the first ever “would-be” mom garba with your babies “to-be” and grace yourselves on the stage.

Women at Singha’s antenatal classes

You know what garba means in Sanskrit? Womb. Hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it?

“Having helped close to 1200 expectant families, I found that these pregnant women and young families are left out of many festivities which they may have previously participated in with much gusto. This exclusion impacts (particularly the women) in a profound manner, where they feel like they have crossed some imaginary stage and are expected to get used to being an ‘aunty’,” Rita says. She runs Rita’s Pregnancy 101, having centres in Ahemedabad, Surat and Chandigarh.

Deepal with her daughter

The venue of the event is delightful. It has a nursing room for the mother, who needs to give a quick feed to her baby, has hygienic washrooms, is air conditioned (the heavily pregnant need it the most). As Kajal Khava, 27, puts it, “I am expecting my first child soon and will be attending only this garba this year. It is indoors and the food has been made keeping pregnant women in mind.”


So have fun guys! The rest will be taken care of! Have a Happy Navratri!

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