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Reema Gurudatta, Director Reliance AIMS Jaipur, Shares Her Story With JWB

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  •  March 12, 2016


Reema Gurudatta is a Director of Reliance AIMS Jaipur, an academy for VFX and Animation. She shared with JWB the importance of her husband’s support in her career and life.

She has been married for two years and has also been a faculty at Indian International School for about a year.

Me: From being a teacher at IIS School to Director at Reliance AIMS, how did it all happen?

Reema: My parents, in-laws and Nishant have been very supportive. But after a year or so at IIS, I realised I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But, I was confused. Nishant was handling Reliance AIMS back then. He suggested that I start working here. I wasn’t too sure. But Nishant motivated me and so I agreed. He got involved with my father-in-law’s business, and so since the past one year, I’m handling it. It’s his trust in me that I was able to do justice to my position as a Director.

Me: How sweet! You said that Nishant helps you with the work here. Does he help with the household work too?

Reema (smiles): Of course, as a husband I would give him ten of ten. He is very helpful. He is there whenever I need him. Not only at work front, but he also helps me with the routine work at home. 

Me: Aww, that’s great. But managing the institute by yourself must be strenuous and would require long hours of work. So how do you manage your time?

Reema: Yes, it is a bit difficult. Once you are married, responsibilities of a woman increase and one has to give her hundred percent to fit in every role of the family. In my case, everyone’s very understanding and cooperative, so it becomes easy. Of course, I have to take care of the cooking, clothes, along with the office work. But with time, you learn to manage everything together.

Me: But, do you think that sometimes, it affects your personal space and time with Nishant?

Reema (thinking): Mmm… Yes, it does affect sometimes and leads to an argument. I try not to bring work at home. It’s too much work on my mind that upsets him.

Me: So, how do you solve it then?

Reema: We talk it out. He understands me and vice-versa. And most times, a late night coffee date is enough for us to let go everything and chat like two teenagers in love.

Me: Late night coffee, nice idea. Ha-Ha! What are your future aspirations?

Reema: Well, the admission time at Reliance Aims is here. And, being my first time, it will be challenging. But, I am all prepped up and with Nishant and my family holding my back I am sure to succeed. I want to take it to greater heights in future. 

Me: All the best for your endeavours Reema! We know now that you have the perfect husband. *winks* what’s your one advice to the husbands of the world?

Reema: Not only to husbands but all men, I would like to say that please motivate and inspire the women in your lives to fulfill their dreams and become independent. Don’t be an obstacle on their path but their strength and support. They nurture you at every step and every age. Help them climb their ladder of success with whatever means you can.

I would also like to convey to the women, you all have that X-factor. Find it and believe in yourself. Even if your family is not supportive, don’t let yourself down. Explain to them; make them understand, but carry on with your deeds. They will come along sooner or later when they see your hard work and dedication to your passion.

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