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Priya Motiani


JWB Thanks The Fitness Trainers This International Men’s Day

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  •  November 19, 2015


Ladies, ever had that dream where you wake up one morning as a man? On lieu of International Men’s Day (19th November), we JWB girls lived that dream (or nightmare). Well, you’ll find out in this article which one of the two it was.

Be it a policeman, a bartender, an auto-wala, or a rapper, we embraced the male alias of all these professions. So, as might be expected, given the circumstance, our workplace right now houses a bow-tie, a men’s leather jacket, a laathi, among other things. Damn! I just realized that even our logo is a stache!

Anyhoo, luckily for me, I only had to step into the shoes of a male fitness trainer. And I mean that literally.

Post the decking-up session of becoming a dude (a muscular dude, that is), I headed to the Talwalkars gym to meet the person who I was pretending to be.

Say hi to fitness trainer Prem Singh Gehlot.

The original Prem and the doppelganger Prem (me) started doing what we usually do: workout.

I tried to look all macho by putting on fake muscles. It was obviously a poor attempt.

We began with a set of squats, and then followed a set of lunges. Then happened the dumb-bells and the lunges, simultaneously.

Now I know that Prem must be doing probably hundreds of such sets everyday with a lot of people, but hey, I was really just pretending to be him. I am not him!

My legs were secretly crying out for mercy under the excruciating pain of the lunges. Yes, I am exaggerating. But no, I am not lying. My legs are still paining! It takes a lot of strength to be a man!

After the workout, it was time for me to hand over the gratitude letter to Prem.

Dear Fitness Trainer,

Soooo many hot chicks come to your gym! Thanks bro for not eyeing them.

Thank you for not making a big deal out of their short and skin-fitted clothes.

Thank you for not staring at them while they squat and bend.

Thank you for not making fun of the out-of-the-shape ones.  

Thank you for not getting all touchy with them.

Thank you for making them feel comfortable.

Thank you for respecting them.

These dumb-bells and push-ups may make everyone’s muscles, but what really makes a man strong is his ability to respect women. Thank you for being a strong man.

Your Gym-freak,

Jaipur Women Blog

Here’s to all the Fitness trainers, politicians, bartenders, policemen, auto-walas, rappers, the entire ‘man’-kind per se… Happy International Men’s Day! We know we women don’t thank you very often for all that you do for us, but today, we really want to take out a minute to sincerely and genuinely appreciate you all. Cheers!

PS: With this campaign, we are launching the ‘Jaipur Men’ rubric. Stay glued for more fun!

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