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Founder Of ‘Home For Artists’, Nimisha Verma, Reveals The Pain & The Hope Behind This Project

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  •  December 27, 2015


“It is when you leave everything that is familiar, and venture into the unfamiliar. This is when you find your truth” – Melissa Jennewein

Imagine a school girl with a happy life revolving around the school trips, birthday parties, friends, family meals and Disney TV shows. It’s something all of us experience during our childhood. 

But imagine, what if you were forced to live like a 30-something just after you had blown your mid-teen birthday candles?

The story that I am going to narrate today may change your idea of relationships & self-love forever.

Nimisha is a 19-year-old girl from Jaipur, who lives all by herself in the city outskirts. She, along with her elder brother, decided to leave their parental home after the parents decided not to accept their kids’ career choices. While the boy wanted to be a Photographer, the girl wanted to pursue Visual Arts.

With a little money that they had, the siblings looked for an affordable place to live. To survive, they took up various photography & modeling projects. However, situations turned in such a way that this brother-sister duo, too, decided to part ways. This reminds me of David Guetta’s words: Sometimes two artists wanna work together, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen because you have to find the right idea.

Few days back, I decided to catch up with the sister. Nimisha is that slender woman who loves to squinch her eyes while talking and clicking selfies. Someone who loves to hog on hot Maggi noodles as much as you do. Someone who loves receiving calls from loved ones on her birthday, just like all of us. Let me introduce you to her:

Me: Every artist wants to travel, no one wishes to settle down. Does this thought hold true for you, as well?

Nimisha: I am not someone who visits the Himalayas one day and settles there the next morning. I don’t want to run away from my realities. This is my space, and I have to grow myself here. I could have gone anywhere with anybody, but I chose to stay in Jaipur. Close to my parents.

Me: How does that help you? I am sure it is emotionally draining.

Nimisha: It sure is. But then it helps me stay connected. I go and meet them. Sometimes.

Me: How many places have you been to so far?

Nimisha: Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Chandigarh. This happened in a span of three months.

Me: Stay? Food? How did you manage?

Nimisha: My vision helps transform few strangers into good friends. People help, you see. Before I go to a new place, I ask the like-minded people to help me search good modeling projects in that particular city. I try my best to cover the costs of my travel and food with what I earn from the shoots.

” why do people leave ? ” he asked , and I could feel he was at an ebb. Can you tell me why people leave ? Why did you leave ? Why did others leave ? We have been taught that ‘ everyone leaves’ so now when we fall in love (conditional love, i should say) we expect everything to last forever. However the inherited fear never leaves and you remain confident inside about the belief that the person You love will walk away someday leaving you behind broken alone. And this fear begins to eat you up. So you start reminding that person how much you have loved and how much you are expecting back. since the accountancy of love exchange has begun , even a slight imbalance is bound to cause insecurity. And boom. Before you know it , you are falling out of love and the time of seperation has come. What will you say now ? ” Everyone Leaves”. And you will say it to everyone you meet. And they’ll believe you and think about it all night. So continues the vicious cycle till everyone fall out of love and spread the belief that everyone leaves. This irrational belief acts like acid, trust me. This acid has damaged you so much, has made you so weak that you ‘ve forgotten how to stay, How to love unconditionally. You fall out of love and then you spread the word That love fades with time and then people leave. Honey, falling out of love is a choice, not a fact. You choose to fall out of love. Do you now realise why people leave ? Did you ever say it to anyone ? Did you stay ? Are you kind enough to stay and love unconditionally ? Show me. And then i smiled and said ” i won’t leave ” ” i know , thats why i asked you ” he replied with a sigh. – – – #vsco #instagram #vscocam #captivatingcaptions #EverywhereVSCO #thevscodiaries #frominkinmyveins #framedeuphoria #vagrantdiaries #inframedrhapsody #simplicityeverywhere #GetGalvanised #silhouettesoul #Delightfullyordinary #TheCreativeAffair #ig_muse #chasingemotions #featuregram #unutteredMusings #icapturedasoul #thisismymuse #afadingworld #rsa_portraits #rsa_mystery #ig_bestshots #india_ig #oyemystory #Portboxin

A photo posted by Nimisha verma (@nimishav9) on


Misha is in mumbai finally ??? I am here for ten days and will leave on 11. My instameet will be on 9 or 10 oct most probably. Will post about it soon? See you at wwim tomorrow ! ? DM me for collaborations ? I am here to make art and meet you all ? A photo posted by Nimisha verma (@nimishav9) on



Me: Is it easy to trust strangers?

Nimisha: I trust my instincts. The one who offers hot soup during a harsh winter night cannot be a bad man, always.


Me: I’ve seen your portfolio, you look fabulous. When did you realize you have this creative bent?

Nimisha: Umm….I always had ideas in my mind to style a fashion shoot. Since my brother is a photographer, I made him conceptualize those ideas alongside me. In this way, I would be the model, and he be the shutterbug. I have done series like ‘Jogan’, and few self-portraits’ in the past.


series – ‘ जोगन ‘ Collab with @artist.jaipur . ‘ For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know. ‘ #vsco #PicsArt #vscoedit #vscocam #vscogoodshot #vscogram #jj #peace #life #captivatingcaptions #TheCreativeAffair #creative #featuregram @feature.gram

A photo posted by Nimisha verma (@nimishav9) on


I gradually moved to the most sensitive, as well as, the most incredible part of this story – the birth of ‘’. Sensitive because the reason behind its discovery might make your heart cry, and incredible because this amazing place is going to support the talent from all over the world.

Nimisha explained, “I know the pain of being alone, eating alone. Sometimes, not eating at all because of lack of…everything. It’s sad to see how an artist’s heart is misunderstood most of the times. When children share with their parents that they want to pursue their career in an art field, they are thrashed. I was one of them. I don’t want others to go through what I’m going through at the moment. I want to bring all such souls together and create one large family, where no one is in solitude. 

This house is the first of its kind in Jaipur and is open to all those who travel the same road. Artists with absolutely no hotel-stay budget are welcome here to stay as long as they want. They can contribute either with a cash amount as less as Rs. 100, or by adding to the kitchen ration. The call is theirs. However, there is no pressure. There aren’t any rules in ‘Home For Artists’. You come, stay, explore, meet new artists, learn, and move on. As simple as that. Is there any better way to learn about life?”

I think not, Nimisha. Dear friends, if you want to support artists like Nimisha, here’s a way. You can donate extra mattresses, pillows, gas stove, kitchen-ware, shelf, tables, stools, books, etc. to ‘Home For Artists’. You can drop a message .

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