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This Teacher Won $1 Million. The Reason Will Leave You Spellbound!

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  •  March 15, 2016


Hanan Al Hroub is a Palestinian teacher who very recently became the recipient of the Global Teacher Prize – an annual award from the non-profit Varkey Foundation.

This award finds its origins in the need to celebrate the work of exceptional educators, and “to promote education and convey to a celebrity-obsessed world that teachers are important and worthy of respect,” as mentioned by founder Sunny Varkey.

Being the second in the league (after Nancie Atwell who won this award in 2015) to receive this ‘Nobel prize for teaching’; Hanan emerges as the winner from 8000 applicants that came from across 140 countries.

She has been applauded at this big a platform for her commendable and essentially humane efforts of keeping her primary school students away from the dreadful shadow of violence. Having witnessed fighting herself at a young age while growing up in a refugee camp, Hanan has a thorough understanding of the traumatizing repercussions that violence can cause. And this is not only regarding the physical but the mental state as well. To prevent her students from all this and to promote peace, she develops trusting relationships with them and encourages literacy.

“I tell the teachers, whether they are Palestinian or around the world: Our job is humane, its goals are noble. We must teach our children that our only weapon is knowledge and education.” said Hanan in this video about her work.

She received the glorious accolade from Pope Francis through a videocast. Here’s how he appreciated her:

“We, as teachers, can build the values and morals of young minds to ensure a fair world, a more beautiful world and a more free world. The future seems far and ambiguous. However, when you are involved in making it, the world represents a light,” said Hanan after receiving the prize.

Kudos Hanan! We’re proud of you!

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