Top 100 Women Achiever Awardee Nabomita Urges Women To Not Suffer From The ‘Daughter’s Guilt’


Remember we spoke to Nabomita Mazumdar who was the one amongst the 100 women achievers selected under the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme awarded by the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee?  

“From serving a community of 3 million professionals worldwide to making it to the Top 100 Influencers for Startups,” as quoted by the Ministry, Nabomita’s journey is quite inspirational. Adding feathers to her crown, she was ranked 2nd in Top 20 HR Influencer in Social Media by SHRM India 2015 and is quoted in Forbes US for Future of Work.

Throwing light on the issues women face at the work front and in achieving a balance between work and home, Nabomita shared with us her views on the hows and whys of this subject.

JWB: What is the biggest challenge women face on the work front?

Nabomita: Well, I think we are in a blessed time where things are really evolving in order to support us. Career generally does not become a deterrent when a lady gets married. SHEROES, a community for women, shares a diverse format for jobs for women. We have peer-to-peer support and even experts brainstorming solutions for us. I strongly believe this is the best time for a woman to have both a career and a family. The education that is available puts us at par. The job opportunities are rarely gender specific. We are openly voicing our concerns. Hence, when we have the educational support, professional opportunities and the option to be vocal about the right things, the sky is the limit.

However, there are issues that we are still firefighting such as Equal Pay. I believe it’s your merit that should remain the only reason for success if you are the best in your field, a progressive employer wouldn’t want to lose you to an equal paying one!

JWB: Your advice to women who return to work after their post-delivery sabbatical!

Nabomita: Women who return to work are the greatest asset in their talent group. I know a firm in Pune called eZest, where they offer Maternity leave up to 3 years and then induct the lady back into the organization, upskilling her into a new role. These women are a great resource!

We will have policies revised on maternity leaves but what will matter the most is the support system we build for the women who want to resume working! Sabbatical for a family is natural for women. Organizations with work designed around them will create win-win for both the talent and the employer.

JWB: One advice you would like to give to girls to get a balance between their parents’ expectations and job desires at their ‘marriageable age.’

Nabomita: I’ll suggest they should stay focused on their career. Stick to their ambition. They should dream as big as they can and then completely devote themselves to build that dream. I believe as you build yourself financially, professionally and emotionally strong, you are doing a great service to the society. Depend only on your wallet. My Grandma used to say, “What you don’t have, you don’t need”. Choose not to suffer from the ‘daughter’s guilt’. Remember that you are your own retirement plan. There is a great freedom in that thought.