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Top 100 Women Achiever Awardee Nabomita Tells JWB What Her CV Lies About

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  •  November 18, 2016


Partner at CiteMan and evangelist at, Nabomita Mazumdar was one amongst the 100 women achievers selected under the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme awarded by the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

“From serving a community of 3 million professionals worldwide to making it to the Top 100 Influencers for Startups,” as quoted by the Ministry, Nabomita’s journey is quite inspirational. Adding feathers to her crown, she was ranked 2nd in Top 20 HR Influencer in Social Media by SHRM India 2015 and is quoted in Forbes US for Future of Work.

Despite being among the top 100 women tech influencers in our country, we learned how unconventional and carefree she is when we had an exclusive chat with her. We got all the more delighted when she told us that she loves Jaipur so much so that recently when she was in the city, she missed her return flight. In most cases, people panic or get sad, but she got another plate of the royal thali and celebrated the day.


By what quality would you hire or reject yourself?

Well, I don’t want to sound too boastful, but I would hire myself, for the passion I bring in my work.

On the flip side, I would fire myself from the same job because I generally fail to identify my potential to deliver. Trust me, it was only when I started my firm, I realized my strengths and weaknesses. Loving what you do is a blessing. But you need to keep a check so that your love isn’t blind.

What is that one strength of an employee that becomes a weakness when he or she starts a business?

Passion is Strength for me. The passion for solving problems, building something new or even redefining or transforming something for good. This strength turns into a weakness when one gets too lost in that passion that he goes astray towards the final goal.

Now that we know you had emailed Tim Cook, *girl wink* we are curious to know if Tim Cook replied.

How I wish it had worked, but then I am hopeful it would work in future.

Ohh we hope it does.

I would like to reiterate that Nabomita is absolute fun! Wondering what makes me say that? This post on Quora does!


One habit of Indians in your opinion that help them grow as successful professionals abroad.

We Indians are super warm and very eager to learn. The warmth in our behavior puts everyone at ease, and the learning curve we have helps us not just survive or adapt, but excel in every environment. And of course, we know how to make fun of ourselves and open up!

We Indians, live in the moment, be it in India or abroad. We don’t miss any opportunity to laugh loudly at our own mistakes, and that’s what helps us achieve success.


One stalking advice you would like to give to find the best talent through social media.

I would say that if you want to find your talent, you need to be where they are. We are in the age of snapchat and Twitter. Hence, identify your target group and make an aggressive campaign for that medium. I have seen Job posting ads on Instagram. Companies have already cracked snapchat so if you are trying to hire for the entry level role that should be your platform. However, if you are hiring for the mid-to-senior level, LinkedIn and Twitter are what you should pick.

P.S. Avoid head hunting on FB, unless you have a clear strategy. You might risk stalking them!

How do you think talent search can be made more efficient for startups based in small cities?

Talent search for Startup is a boon than a challenge. Startups have started opening avenues for them, where they get to work with the core team and build a product from scratch. Finding the right fit for both the talent and the founder is work. But the drill helps both! Also, technology is the greatest focus for the those who want to work with startups. Let me ask you, if your employer gives you a fat bonus or a Macbook, which one would you prefer? Employees love the freedom to buy and own the technologies that they would want to work with. And Startup in India is at the core of this culture. Inspiring a talent with technology is far better than giving them a fat pay cheque. Thus my advice to the startups attracting talent would be to stay focused on technology and then let the best talent find you.


I am fangirling over Nabomita’s beautiful long hair which I am sure must be a lot of work to manage.

How do you think a woman can use fashion as her professional tool?

Let me quote you Jason Arland, a Celebrity Stylist, who had styled me for many occasions. “Grooming is important. Fashion is what makes you most confident. Always make sure you look like you and nobody else. Because no one can carry the person who you are better!” He keeps telling me no one can carry my style better than me.

Also, be it at work or even at an airport where you are rushing to catch your almost missed flight, breathe and be happy! The world will continue to exist so keep smiling.”

On that note, I asked, “Is saree your power dressing style?”

Ohh yes!! I love sarees. Okay so here’s a secret, I hoard Maharani Sarees that I bought from Jaipur. I love all of them! They are my Barbies.

I don’t wait for an occasion to wear them. And they make me feel like a queen, whether I rule or not!

Well, we think you do!

One movie you think that can replace a career mentor?

, the movie that released last year is a must watch for every woman entrepreneur!

One morning ritual you follow which keeps you energetic throughout the day.

I wake up early, by 4 am and meditate. I wouldn’t barter that for anything in my life. Waking up itself is a joy to me and meditating after that is the reward!

That surely is on my New Year Resolution list!


Is there a bad habit you fight in the morning?

Social media! I have a bad habit of scrolling through my timelines; I am glued to my iPad right after I open my eyes. Not getting fixed to my gadgets is something I doubt I can achieve!

What do you do during lunch break to enhance your professional growth?

I have been working from Home since past six years. I have built a noise-free, zero disturbance environment where I don’t even own a TV. During lunch, I prefer being away from my workstation and walking around. A stroll or so. Walking around the place clears my mind off the thoughts that get clogged up during the first-half! And of course, it is very refreshing too. I have lived in houses that are blessed with a park within the campus. Hence, I remain pampered!

Are you a foodie?

That’s the answer. I don’t eat food; I am its humble devotee. I go to places not to landmark them but Food-mark. This is another reason why I love Jaipur so much! The food and the hospitality with which they serve are beyond royal!

Have you ever stolen a food item from the ‘office community fridge’?

Yes, I have stolen Yogurt many times. But then later I learned, the canteen guy used to place it there for me. And every day I would die in guilt till someone cracked the secret to me. I believe food must be shared, and it works both ways. Haha!

What does your resume lie about?

My age. I wish I were older. My age is public on facebook too!

The curious being that I am, I quickly opened her profile – and well, what I saw was: Born on 11 January 1910! Haha!

Photo Source: Facebook

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