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Facebook Visited Jaipur To Boost Business Of Women Entrepreneurs

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  •  May 6, 2016


SheThePeople.TV conducted their first event Boost Your Business in Jaipur in association with Facebook and JWB as their media partner. The event took place at the grand Diggi Palace. The first thing I noticed was how the Darbar hall’s glass doors allowed light to pass through them with ease. The registration counter was already queued when I entered the venue at 10 am.

An Interactive Gathering Always Wins My Heart

Hey you, I think I saw you there, too. You were talking to this other woman wearing beautiful hues of blue.

I love that a lot of women who were at the venue are reading the post right now. And that’s what made me happy there! A big part of our JWB family was present at the event. Yay!

Thanks to Shaili Chopra, they’d all shared one stage to learn a critical aspect of promoting their businesses through Facebook.

And So It Begins

Shaili Chopra

It took Shaili a little under a minute to get the event going. She began with introducing SheThePeople.Tv. After a foreword to the event, Shaili invited Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives, Facebook, to talk about ‘Boosting their businesses.’

Ritesh’s Encounter With Jaipur’s Lovely Ladies

Notepads and pens had been dug out of fancy handbags, as these women would return home with hefty information.

Ritesh Mehta

Most of us thought that learning how to do business through Facebook is not as easy as it sounds. Though, Ritesh believed otherwise.

Facebook is the simplest way to do business. Did you know that 15 crore people in India use Facebook every day, and 14 crores of them use it with their phones?”

“The world is going mobile.”

There are four steps that need to be followed to create a successful business through Facebook:

  • Page: Do you have a page for your business? Well, that’s the first step! Go get it! Once you have a page, make sure to invite all your friends and family to ‘like’ the page.
  • Post: Well, this is the most important step! Your content defines your page, right? So take a minute and go check out the kind of content you’ve been posting. Make your content more visual!

An average Facebook user sees their News Feed 14 times a day. So yes, you have fourteen opportunities to win a customer every day!”

  • Promotion: Here are some things you didn’t know about promotion:
  1. Boost Your Post: Facebook gives you a one click option to promote your post. Click on it and specify the audience you are looking for.
  2. Custom Audience:A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers. You can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. You give us your hashed customer list by uploading it, copying and pasting it or importing it from MailChimp. Then we use the hashed data from it to match the people on your list to people on Facebook.
  3. Lookalike Audience: With lookalike audiences, you can find more people on Facebook who share traits — like location, age, gender and interests — with your customers, so your ads reach even more people who’ll care about your business.
  4. It’s Filthy Cheap: You can promote your post for as little as Rs. 40! In Ritesh’s words, that’s cheaper than a cup of coffee.
  5. It’s Efficient: Everyone is on Facebook. It’s not even news! Scroll above and read the statistics, yo!
  6. Scheduled Posts: You don’t have to create posts and wait till the time you want to post it. Facebook gives you the option to pre-plan posts way ahead of time. See that little arrow to the side of ‘Publish’? Click and select Schedule Post!
  • Measure- Facebook gives you an option where you can see the statistics of your reach. You can see exactly the kind of people who have viewed your post, the kind of engagements you’ve received and more. Watching the statistics, you can further improve your performance. Isn’t that amazing?

L to R: Shaili, Anastassiya, Palki, Pranshu, Archana

After Ritesh’s session, Shaili was back and introduced the panelists for the event. I gotta say, we were quite excited for this one! Oh yeah, I never told you! JWB’s Lady Boss, Ana was a part of the panel!

Shaili introduced the panelists one by one, and so Palki Sharma (ex-Anchor CNN-IBN, currently working with her saree designing brand “Reyva”), Pranshu Bhandari (Founder Culture Alley), Archana Surana (Founder Arch Academy of Fashion) & Anastassiya Savchenko (yay! Founder Jaipur Women Blog) stepped up on the stage. Shaili asked the panelists to share their stories.

Palki: After a ten-year career in journalism, I wanted to walk out of my comfort zone. I had always loved designing, but I hadn’t studied it. So naturally, it was a difficult start, and I realized soon that designing sarees is not just about designing. Through my brand (I was in love with Palki’s saree, by the way!), I have tried to bring weavers and designers together.

Pranshu: I started CultureAlley with an intention to introduce foreign-language learning through apps, and today Hello English is the number one English learning app in the Indian subcontinent. So, of course, it’s been an exhilarating journey. As Ritesh said the world is mobile, CultureAlley is Mobile only. And well, I let my product do the talking.

L to R: Palki, Pranshu and Archana

Archana: I believe that examples are very important to move forward in life and that how I try to keep my students motivated. When I moved to Jaipur, I was told that nobody understands fashion in Jaipur, but look how Jaipur continues to grow today! Arch Academy of Fashion is the first design institute to introduce Jewellery design course in the Jewellery Hub of India.

Ana: JWB started when there was no platform for women to express themselves, share their success stories or make their voices heard. When Jaipur Women Blog laid its foundation, it had zero readership. Slowly, through Facebook, our network started building up, and we began to get appreciated. We realized that empowerment can come through lending an ear. Now, we are a strength of 1,00,000 monthly readers, and growing!

The conversation continued as the discussion changed its direction. Between chuckles and applause from the audience, Shaili asked, “Before becoming a founder, what role had you played in your life?

Archana: Teacher!

Ana: Daughter-in-law!

Pranshu: Survivor!

The panel discussion concluded with Shaili holding a brief conversation with Pallavi Jaipur, who talked about the importance of perseverance and networking, “After being rejected by Lakme Fashion Week twice, I worked harder and harder, and Facebook helped me a great deal with getting my message across, as well as got me selected for the Lakme Fashion Week, the third time!”

Pallavi Jaipur in conversation with Shaili Chopra

Before the event came to an end, there was a fun Q & A round with the audience.

What should my focus be regarding reaching my audience? Organic or Paid?

Ritesh: Stick to the organic reach, at first. After a while, when your organic reach begins to improve, support it with boosting your posts.

Ana: Build your brand loyalty with organic reach and use promotions to boost product sales.

When is the right time to find investors?

Pranshu: You should never stop searching for the investors, and that’s why every time is the right time. Although, seek a practical advisor in your investor, not a theoretical one.

Archana: It’s not always money that we need! Sometimes, just the right mentor can work wonders!

Ana: I believe that it’s the best time to look for an investor when you start boiling in your pot.

You might have your own questions, and who better than Facebook to answer those questions for you. , and get all your queries solved!

The event came to an end, and team JWB thought it was safe to attack the snacks section. Do you want to know what we ate? Slurp.

Thank you SheThePeople, can’t wait to see you back in Jaipur!




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