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Komal Panwar


Hence Proved. Social Networking Lives Of Men And Women Are Poles Apart

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  •  February 19, 2016


Women find it easier to make friends on the internet or otherwise, all they have to do is ‘be women’. It doesn’t matter what they wear and how they present themselves because creeps just come drooling in.

On the other hand, it ‘s hard for a man to be in the limelight. If he asks for advice, he’s made fun of or just ignored being considered a ‘creep’. While some of you men might feel that it’s not fair, you should know exactly the kind of harassment women face.

Buzzfeed did a social experiment on Periscope: a man and a woman did random stuff on camera, and the results were not even surprising.

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On asking ‘how to recover from a hangover?’, the guy was told to ‘suck it up’ and ‘enjoy the discomfort’. The girl’s question was ignored, and she was only asked if she was a lesbian.

The man agreed, at the end of the experiment that the differences were ‘very severe’, however, the woman felt that the results weren’t even ‘surprising.’

“I didn’t have to say anything interesting,” she said. “I didn’t have to do anything to get attention, which kind of negates that I have a brain.”

So would she give live streaming another shot? “Probably not,” she said.

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