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Priya Motiani


What Happened At Day-1 Of Color Strokes- The Art, Craft, Fashion, Food Exhibition

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  •  February 20, 2016


What happens when a galore of art, craft, fashion, and food comes together?

Let me precisely answer that. Your senses take a gleeful stroll in the aesthetics; your shopping bone begins to tickle, and consequently, you end up burning holes in your pocket.

Yeah. That’s pretty much what happened on our visit to ‘Color Strokes’ today. For those of you who do not know, Color Strokes is a 2-day long extravaganza being held at Diggi Palace, featuring experiential workshops, pop-up shows, food stations, and music.

Intrigued much? Hmmm. Allow me to present to you but a few glimpses from my visit.

There was a breath-taking display of art and creativity…

… in the form of paintings,

… and some more paintings,

and clothes inspired from paintings.

Then there was the one thing I wish wasn’t.

Accessories! Lots and lots of them! Trendy ones. Indian ones. Geometrical ones. Basically, all sorts of tempting ones.

I’m sure you must have guessed by now why I resented their presence. *Hocus pocus, I am brokus!*


A lot of our JWB pals also happened to be there, and it was such a delight seeing them on the other side of the stalls, displaying their collections. Remember fashion designer Dia Ajmera? The painter sister duo Khushi and Prisha Sonkia?

The feather-painter Aditi Agarwal? Painter Rupal Parakh? Mother and Designer, Meenakshi Jain?

And of course, our very own tarot card reader Ruchika Beri. We met all of them and also made some interesting new acquaintances at Color Strokes.

Oh, oh! Did I mention that there was a diversity of products ranging from home decor items,

to the traditional jootis,

to cushions,

to men’s wear,

okay, let’s just settle with the phrase: a wide variety. *Phew!*

Most of these stalls were by women entrepreneurs – some nascent, some professionals. For instance, I met this woman who has been a tattoo artist for six long years and now has established herself as an entrepreneur manufacturing handcrafted traditional jootis. Isn’t that cool?

And then there was the most interesting stall hosted by the NGO Naya Sawera. On a teeny bit of probing, I found out that the product at this stall were all made by pregnant women living in the little bastis across the city. This NGO aims to empower them by sharing a major portion of the profits with them.

All the wandering had made me hungry! And just right then, guess what I found? This.

And along with this was playing some soothing yet peppy music. Ah! The feels.

Wanna experience all this first-hand? Worry not! The exhibition is on till tomorrow. Go make the most of it, and tell us what you shopped!




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