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Introducing The Fatasstic Chick: My Perfect Response On Having Big Booty!

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  •  February 6, 2016


Looking in the mirror, viewing my large rear, I am on most days gleeful about them.(Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, too) I am a girl blessed with curves and feels that every extra inch of you makes you that extra beautiful.I am the fatasstic chickOh yeah!

Why the hell I am talking about my butt specifically, you may think. Well, the other day my mom had her kitty party organized at our place. And, you know the pressure of appearing like the Sanskaari Beti, the qualities of which were so boasted by my mum. Uff!

So, like the Sanskaari Beti, I was serving tea to all the aunties, simultaneously managing our favorite foot touching tradition. In one such moment, an aunt (Aunty 1 from now on) blurted out,

“Beta, tumhare buttocks toh kaafi heavy hai, thoda exercise karo inhe kum karne ki.” (You have big bums, and you should exercise to reduce them)

I turn around half bent, as I was serving tea to others, get a quick glance at my back and then to Aunty 1 and managed a faint smile, and inside I was thinking, “Seriously? Are you too like checking me out?”

I quickly excused myself to the kitchen to get some savories hoping her comment go unnoticed. But all in vain, for I returned as normally as I could, with a plateful of snacks (Anger makes me hungry, too) only to hear that all aunties have chimed in to discuss my posterior.

Aunty 2– You should take care of your body and stay slim till you are unmarried Beta. Once you are married and after pregnancy toh, your hip area will get bigger for sure. So, start working out.

Aunty 3– And don’t wear such tight and skin fit jeans or leggings. Wear Kurtas maybe, they’ll cover them.

“Or maybe, I can put a duct tape on your mouth”, I bit my tongue for not saying it aloud and batted my eyelashes.

I gave a glare to my mom who ignored it and continued being a perfect host.

Aunty 4– And have you heard, one moment on lips and forever on hips?

My perverted mind went thinking, “Oh please tell me if there’re somethings for, forever on boobs.”

And my saint mind retorted back to the pervert, “Holy God! Shut up you filthy mind!”

I snapped out of my mind fight when I heard the aunties giggling.

Aunty 5-  And that hips don’t lie?

“Well, of coursethey don’t. They are no politicians. Wait, they don’t even speak. They just make funny sounds. Yeah, emb-arr-assing fart sounds.”  the mind, I realised, can cook anything up, if bored much.

I rolled my eyes, and Aunty 1 noticed it.

Aunty 1– Oh, stop it now ladies!  tumhe bura toh nahi laga na? We are just saying this for your sake.

Me: No aunty, I am not least upset.  I love my curves and like flaunting them. I would say, that this is the beauty feature bestowed on me naturally. Waise bhi, there’re no songs on a flat ass. He-He! According to studies also, big butt indicates better health and fertility in women. *winks* I believe loving your body is the best gift you can give to yourself regardless of your age. Chalo bye, see you later aunties.*smiles, picks up a plate of samosa, and walks out of the room*

I could hear the hushed-shushed chatter behind me, and I knew that this will be the hot topic for many kitties to come. With the corner of my eye, I also noticed my mom’s disappointment in me and her attempts to explain and cover my so called ‘misbehavior.’

Once in my bedroom, I felt so relieved; I did a little victory dance and some more booty shake. And, got a nice peek on my cheeks (no, not the face ones) and spanked them (pat way).*sticking out my tongue*

Supa Strikas transparent dance victory booty shake


P.S.: No matter your size or body form, people will judge you and have some opinion about you. Don’t listen to them. Love yourself!

#Fatasstic Tip 1:

Look in the mirror each day, and assure yourself, ‘I love my body. I love each and every part of it. I love the way I am.’

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