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Artist Radhika Rawat Talks About How She Bloomed Beautifully In The Jaipur Soil

  • JWB Post
  •  March 25, 2016


“Just living is not enough… one must have the sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” – Hans Christian Andersen

Oh! Hans, did you experience the joy of living amidst thousands of them? Every day?

Prints by Radhika

Ask Radhika Rawat, Jaipur based artist who…hold your breath…is known to put her floral paintings into clothing! “I thought of this unique and exciting idea when I was pursuing an advanced course in fashion in London. Also, it was spring and I couldn’t think beyond flowers”, told Radhika.

She spoke of how she moved to Mumbai hoping to learn the diverse world of fashion. In one year, she realized the course is too mainstream for her to carry out, and hence, she decided to return home – Jaipur. She took admission in a local but internationally acknowledged college.

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Today an INIFD graduate, Radhika has always been fond of painting and everything colorful. Soon, she started trying her hands on acrylic and oil painting. And once she thought she was ready, she put up her first art exhibition in Jawahar Kala Kendra in 2014 to showcase her talent. Professionally, she launched herself last year. She said, slipping down her memory lane, “I received love from both painters and fashion designers. In no time, I started getting orders, and designers wanted all sort of fabric with my paintings’ motifs. However, I stopped supplying once I realized they are selling it under their names. I told myself very strictly to not ‘sell’ my imagination to them.”

But she had a confession to make. She revealed, “When I began, I underestimated Jaipur. I perceived it a less fashionable space, and so, I didn’t really participate in any of the trunk shows. I somehow convinced myself to be a part of The Fall Collective and Color Strokes. OMG, and the response! The love showered by fashionable ladies of Jaipur city was too much to handle! I went out of stock in both these events! 

And as fate would’ve had it, today ‘’ are selling on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, one of the best platforms to find country’s top designers! Woohoo!

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Ask her if she wears her designs, and she will sheepishly smile admitting to being her brand’s biggest fan. “I love what I make. I like donning and creating maxis which suit women of every age group. These designs are both wedding couture, as well as, resort wear. And the best part is, floral NEVER goes old”, exclaimed Radhika.

Before JWB bid adieu to the city’s young talent, Radhika shared her words of wisdom with our readers – “As they say, all the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today! Art is one field where you can be successful without holding any prestigious degree. Once you know you have a knack for art, you can go miles. Nobody can rate your art, except you. Nobody can nurture you the way you can make yourself bloom.”



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