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Jayati Godhawat

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JWB Talks To The Mentors Of Jaipur Global Mentoring Walk’16

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  •  March 2, 2016


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Archana Surana, the Jaipur’s Flag Bearer of the Global Mentoring Walk, is organizing this year’s walk on March 5. We reached Arch Academy of Design where the final orientation program and press conference for the same were held.

Archana Surana discussed the importance of the walk and what women can attain through it. She also expressed her future aspirations of bringing together more women and organizing more walks in different cities of India.A1

After the seminar, we got a chance to talk with the mentors participating in the walk.

Here’re some excerpts from our conversations with the esteemed mentors.

Nivedita R. SardaA4

This is my fourth mentoring walk. I am a corporate lawyer and a certified Chartered Accountant. Many girls who have done their C.A. come to me for guidance. Most of them complain that they are not getting work. When I ask, they reason that they have time restrictions i.e. they can only give limited hours say 10am-6pm. And, I plead them literally to stop saying that. Stop using the term ‘restriction’. If you are good at what you do and can complete your work in the given amount of time, no employer shall ever have a problem.

Many mentees seek my advice for Law too. Honestly speaking, the field of law has been a male-dominated profession for too long, and mostly girls don’t feel comfortable with working in an all man’s world. But gradually it’s changing. More and more women are opting to become non-litigation and corporate lawyers. What I advise women is, first, be mentally prepared to invest time as it is undoubtedly a time-consuming job, and secondly, prepare your family for this and gain their support.

One thing which I feel is of utmost importance for women are to be financially literate. They must know how to manage their finances; how to operate bank accounts, cheque books, payment of bills, etc. and not just depend on their husbands or fathers.

Ritu NandaA3

I am the Additional Director in Insurance Department of State Government. It’s my third year of participation as a mentor, and it’s a beautiful and enriching experience each time. Women come and talk to us about their social, family, career issues, and they know that they’ll not be judged here. They feel liberated as many times they can’t discuss such matters with their family members.

Also, we guide underprivileged women. There challenges and problems are different. We need to understand their situations and then provide them with solutions. I feel through mentoring, women come together to share their femininity, its issues and seek solace for the same.

 Anju MathurA5

I am a gynecologist and an IV (Infertility) Specialist. It’s my 4th year as a mentor in this walk, and I have mentored many young girls seeking career advice in the field of nutrition and health.

Women also come to me with the issue of balancing personal life and career. Many young girls approach me and are confused whether they should settle down or focus on their careers. I feel that there’s a right time for everything. And if you ask me, I strongly support the fact that a girl should get married between the ages 25-30 and have one child before the age of 30. Women are so involved in making their careers, they want financial security, reach a particular position in their careers, after marriage too they want to wait and enjoy as a couple for 2-3 years, and then only wake up to the fact that they want children. They don’t understand that maybe humans can fix many things, but no one can fix the Nature. To avoid regretting in future, women must know that every area of their life is important. They can make careers after marriage and children too.

Another thing, I explain to mentees and other women, is to stop aping western culture. Take good things but don’t forget that environment system of the country plays a big deal. One cannot bring to India the climate of the States or Europe. So, what may be right in those countries, may not be right for Indian people. I believe that Indian traditions, culture, and customs, remove the orthodox & obsolete practices from them, are the most scientific in the world. The world is learning from us, and we are foolish to think we are getting modern by following the west.

Shivali SinghA2

My mentor in life, a Canadian lady, Posy, has been like a mother to me. She has always guided and helped me. We even wrote a book ‘Sacred Fire’ on Indian Marriages. She was the one who pushed me to quit my job and realize my potential. She motivated me to enter into manufacturing of Silver Jewelry. Her mentoring paved a way to my life, and that is the reason I am a mentor now. I want to connect with other women and help them in whatever way possible.

There’s a saying ‘When a student is ready, a teacher appears.’ So, it’s an ongoing process of learning and re-learning. I believe, the best gift somebody can give, is the time to listen to others.

Inspiring and motivating right?

Well, it was a great learning experience for me.

Stay tuned! It’s just the beginning. We’ll bring you heaps of guidance and tips from many more mentors.



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