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Know Their Names: First Transgender Sub Inspector & Rajyotsava Awardee

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  •  November 10, 2015


Two different stories and one cause that is for equality.

What would be your reaction upon hearing about a police sub inspector who is a transgender? When Prithika Yashini proudly dons the khaki, it will indeed be a great milestone for the Indian society.

Yashini, who hails from Tamil Nadu is the first transgender to be in the police in India, where people from the LGBT community are often looked down upon. But the road to this achievement was not easy for Yashini.

God, what she didn’t have to face for making her dream to be a part of the police force comes true! So what do you think was the first hurdle that she encountered? Well, at the time of giving her physical examination, Yashini saw that in the gender options there was only space for male or female!

Soon, the authorities realized that they had messed with the wrong person. Yashini knocked at the doors of Courts, and finally, after a long legal fight, justice has been done. Yashini is going to be the first transgender sub-inspector in the entire country.  Hope this opens more avenues for people from the transgender community.

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Yashini is not a lonely ranger in this battle for equality! Akkai Padmashali is another name that is in the news. Akkai has been awarded the highest civilian honor by the Karnataka government. Having a long history of fighting for the rights of the third gender, Akkai has seen it all. She was sexually abused when she was in her teens and was also forced to become a sex worker.

But instead of giving up, her resolve became even stronger on the wake of opposition. And now, she is the proud recipient of the Rajyotsava award for social justice, the second highest civilian award given in Karnataka.

Here, at JWB, we are sure that these break-through victories will bring positive shift in a perception of the transgender community. #WayToGo

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