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Read Why JWB Is Christening Preeti Saboo As The Coolest Mommy In The City

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  •  February 22, 2016


But isn’t ‘cool’ used to refer ice inside the refrigerator? Or, the snowfall in the Himalayas?

So what?

I met Preeti at her out-house. The house that makes you feel like you’re in Santorini, Greece. I made myself comfortable on the cushiony neon blue sofa, signifying the high tides of the blue ocean. The cool breeze and fresh orange juice were the icings on the cake.

However, Indian-ness flows in her blood. To prove, she served hot and crunchy aloo-tikki. Mmm…my taste buds can still feel that delicious meethi chatni.

So who is Preeti Saboo? The treasure-trove is the next Chairperson of FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter, who has the most admirable taste in home interiors, fashion and parenting finds. To explore the last one, we started chatting.

Me: What else we don’t know about you?

Preeti: I have an honors degree in classical music. I love to dance, and I’m also a theater artist. I love to create hand-made items like envelopes or items that can brighten the ambiance of a living room. I am not much of a cook. I was wise enough not to reveal about the last ‘quality’ before my marriage. (laughs)

Me: But you have won him over. That counts.

Preeti: It was love at first sight for him. He spotted me at a wedding. When I got married, I was just 20. Oh, he made sure I continue my studies after that.

Me: Commendable!! Did you become a mother at a comparatively younger age?

Preeti: You can say so. But this helped me become friends with both of them. I have a son and a daughter whom I love spoiling.

Me: Describe your relationship with them.

Preeti: During their exams, we study together. I not only sit with them but also read what they are reading. This gives them a sense of companionship and unity.

Me: You’re a cool mom!

Preeti: I am more of a chilled-out mommy.

Me: So while you’re raising your two BFFs, how has the relationship with your husband altered? I am asking this keeping in mind how mothers generally are.

Preeti: It hasn’t changed a bit. No matter what, as soon as the clock strikes nine at night, I go back to spend time with my husband. Even during our family vacations, kids know of this rule.

Me: I am sure, your self-time got affected. I bet!

Preeti: Not at all. My early morning jog every day at the Central Park counts as my self-time.

Me: I have to rate you 10/10 on the ‘how-cool-are-you’ scale.

Preeti (laughs): But I had my share of struggle. Until the kids turned 14, I went through an identity crisis. I thought I am missing out on my creative side.

Me: And how did you bounce back? You did, right?

Preeti: Yes, I did. I decided to try my hands on something my brains had always refused to acknowledge. I decided to enter my husband’s (hardware) business, but with a hope to reinvent my artistic side. Oh yes, I was planning to color the transformers pink! Ha-ha! So I did a course in Auto-CAD from a renowned institute. Picking up books after all those years was a bit challenging.

Me: Bravo!

Preeti: Today, I handle the Human Resources department of our company. The day I stepped in the office, I decided to invite some professional help from Hyderabad to train our staff, majorly laborers, to inculcate the corporate behavior in all of us. Few didn’t like my idea and left. Others who wanted to grow work with us till date.

Me: Most of the women give up after sabbaticals, especially if it is as big as 14 years. What kept you updated all this while with the recent working culture?

Preeti: Networking, reading magazines and of course, the internet.

Me: This, I guess, is what we mean by a ‘modern mommy.’

Preeti: Call it Smart. I have days fixed for cleaning each room once a week. We, women, are way more methodized and planned than the world thinks. (winks)

Me: Before wrapping up, can you spill some beans about your entitlement as the FLO Jaipur Chapter’s 10th Chairperson this April?   

Preeti: Of course! My theme for the year will be ‘Ignite the Spark’. I’ve got only one focus – to bring out the gifted, innovative side of each FLO member. If I could, so can my ladies!



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