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Meet India’s First Official Witch – Ipsita Roy Chakraverti

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  •  February 5, 2016


I was surprised when I first read about Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, India’s first official witch. But hey, for those who are prone to believing in petty superstitions that sometimes end up in horrifying incidents such as witch hunts and burning of innocent women on the pretext that she is a witch, Ipsita is the very person who fights against those misconceptions.

Ipsita follows Wicca, which actually means craft of the wise, often misunderstood as witchcraft. But do you know that what Wicca stands for? Be it psychology or wisdom or the complex ideals and conventions of philosophy, Wicca is an ancient art form that, among many things, have also always signified women empowerment.

It is back in the 17th century England that the backlash began. Countless innocent women were burnt at the stake just because the members of the clergy and other male figures of the society felt threatened and insecure by their intelligence.

Ipsita, too, had to face a similar kind of criticism from her society, when in the year 1987 she declared that she is a witch. At the same time, it also became a defining moment for all those men and women, who felt intrigued by what Ipsita said and ultimately joined her group, The Wiccan Brigade.

Today, there are many people who’ve joined the Wiccan Brigade, and Ipsita believes that the old values of the world, which gradually decline, need to be brought back to help the society flourish. A writer of as many as three books, Ipsita speaks on a large array of topics which are motivational and mystic at the same time. One of the main objectives of Ipsita is to make people aware of the ancient art of Wicca so that they understand that it is not evil and being a witch has nothing to do with the inhibitions associated with the word.

All the best, Ipsita.

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