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‘Saajan Chale Sasural’: Husbands Cook For Their In-Laws For V-Day!

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  •  February 12, 2016


Aaaaand, phase two of our Valentine’s Day campaign “Saajan Chale Sasural” comes to an end!

Let’s get you up-to-date, shall we?

Saajan Chale Sasural‘ is all about promoting gender equality at home since ‘Jewels Of Jaipur‘ has always believed that love is equality.  The campaign spans across three tasks, and each task has its own motive. The first task required the husbands to add their wives’ name to their own name on Facebook, for which seven brave men came forward.

For the second task, we asked our seven knights-in-shining-armor to prepare a meal for their in-laws, at the in-laws’ place (i.e. THE DREADED SASURAL!)

The adorable quotient went through the roof, to our surprise! Our brave-hearts took up the task with all their might and vigor. Catch their moments below:

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Sonal Khushboo Jain: From the looks of it, our super-husband is fairly good at making uttapams! What a great job!

2. Mr. and Mrs. Arpit Kanika Khandelwal: Judging from that chef cap, our super-husband took the task quite seriously! He made not one, but three things for his in-laws. ADORBS!


3. Mr. and Mrs. Ripul Bandini: We have a baker in the house y’all! Just look how delicately our super-husband has sliced the dough, using the mould. The strawberry jam made our mouth water, on top of that. Kudos!

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4. Mr. & Mrs. R. Mohammed Saba: French toast and fond old memories. What an amazing combination, don’t you think? Complete with gems and fruits, our super-husband proves that  he indeed is an amazing Valentine!


5. Mr. & Mrs. Kamal Rakhi Gupta: Who wouldn’t want a husband who could whip up samosas and dhoklas ? *Nom-Nom* This super-husband made two tasty dishes for his in-laws! Way to go, man!

6.  Mr. & Mrs. Ritesh Deepika Jain: Our 6th super-husband whipped up some paranthas for his in-laws. His wife is one lucky ducky, ain’t she?

Our six super-husbands just made our day brighter! They proved that it is not hard at all to share household work if you put your mind to it. Gender roles are nothing but stereotypes created by the society.

It doesn’t make you any less of a man if you cook for your family :)

A big, hearty congratulations to our participants for successfully breezing through the second task!

Dear readers, please go and ‘like’ your favorite participant’s’ photo album, and help them win this task! ONLY two participants with the maximum votes will be moving towards the second round. Vote awayyy!

(Oh, they are competing for a Jewels Of Jaipur Diamond ring, btw!)

Brace yourselves for the third task! It won’t be easy. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you beforehand!)


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