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Ayushi Agarwal

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Meet Super-Husbands Of V-Day Campaign “Saajan Chale Sasural”

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  •  February 8, 2016


Valentine’s Day, a day specifically designated to ‘LOVE’ is just round the corner!

V-day equips humans with a platform to express their love for an another human being. But, shouldn’t that entail much more than withering, roadside flowers?

Jaipur Women Blog, in association with Jewels Of Jaipur, came up with a brilliant campaign called “Saajan Chale Sasural”, which is sub-divided into three tasks.

‘Jewels Of Jaipur’ believes that love is equality. Hence, our campaign could prove to be a perfect way to make your better-half feel special, by embracing gender-based role-swapping.

The campaign is nothing but an attempt to make the wives feel that ‘equality prevails’ in her home and that she is not the inferior gender.

Now, there has to be an incentive, for being a sport! Therefore, the winning couple would be getting a Diamond ring (Courtesy – Jewels Of Jaipur)!


Marriage forces all girls to leave their father’s name behind, and assume their husband’s surname. Why couldn’t that be the other way around?

Hence, the first task of the campaign required all husbands to change their Facebook profile names. They would either have to add or replace their names by their wives’ maiden names. (Just like millions of women do every day!)

Amongst all the men, seven brave-hearts came forward by performing the aforementioned task perfectly!

Couple no. 1:

Mr. & Mrs. Sonal Khushboo Jain were the first to participate in the competition. We salute this adorable couple’s enthusiasm and love for each other. By the way, do you remember Sonal’s participation in No-Shave November?


Couple no.2 

Mr. and Mrs. Arpit Kanika Khandelwal are newly-weds, who are oh-so-much in love! What a great start to a long and happy married life.

Couple no. 3

Mr. and Mrs. Ripul Bandini look like such a playful couple! Isn’t it amazing, when you get to be with a person, who lets you be you!

Couple no. 4

Mr. & Mrs. Vipin Bansal Neelam’s love might even make ‘Shah Jahan’ green with envy!

Couple no. 5

Mr. & Mrs. Ritesh Deepika Jain do not shy away from flaunting their love openly! They too believe that love=equality.

Couple no. 6

Mr. & Mrs. R. Mohammed Saba are on-board the “Love means equality” train as well! Top speed, y’all!

Couple no. 7

This just keeps getting better and better! Welcome, Mr. & Mrs. Kamal Rakhi Gupta.

These seven husbands are a testament of true, self-less love! They aren’y shy of embracing the notion of equality in any form, in front of tons of their friends and family. Kudos!

The seven couples have successfully made their way into the second phase of the campaign.
Now, time for Task no. 2 ! *drum-roll, please?*

Task no. 2: Time to go to sasural! We’re sure you must have lost count of the times your wife has cooked a wholesome, delicious, finger-licking meal for your family.

For the second task, the husbands need to prepare a meal by themselves, for their in-laws, at their in-laws’ house!

1. Create a photo album on Facebook
2. Use the hashtag #SaajanChaleSasural
3. Tag and

Please make sure that your post is ‘Public’, so that our readers could view it.

The top two albums with the most likes will move forward to the third stage. The voting will end on 12th February, at noon.

Good luck, fellas!

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