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Sonography Centres Will Now Fund Girl Child Education

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  •  February 17, 2016


Sonography centres are infamous for female foeticide. And, now they’re making an attempt to fix that. Even though in a lot of cases, it hasn’t even been their fault, they’re taking a great deal of responsibility for getting things back in order

Nagaur, which is the first district to launch the initiative, has the poorest figures of sex ratios in the state. What is the initiative now, if you may ask?

The sonography centres will now be funding girl child education, after gathering stats on he declining sex ratio and the spoilt reputation of the centres. In collaboration with PCNPDT cell and education department, they have come up with a scheme that aims to give full financial support to the girls.

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The girls will be adopted by these centres to give them higher education.

District collector Rajan Vishal said, “With this, the talented girl student will get ample opportunities to make her career. The monthly contribution of Rs. 10,000 by each centre promises human resource development. If all centres link themselves with the scheme, then certainly the sex ratio will be improved, too.”

The Initiative

50 girls belonging to poor families (BPL) or parentless, will be selected (who have scored 75% or above). They will be selected through an interview on the recommendation of the educational officials.

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