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The Way This Mother Deals With Her Daughter’s Birthmark Is Inspiring!

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  •  March 11, 2016


Katie Mullis Crenshaw is a HuffPost blogger, and mother to a beautiful 6-month old baby girl named Charlie who was born with a strawberry mark.

What’s a strawberry mark, you may ask? In medical parlance, it is a capillary hemangioma – a vascular tumor that occurs extremely early in pregnancy and that is essentially a birthmark which ranges in size and shape.

As may be expected, Katie is sickened by the probing and insensitive questions of every person that passes by Charlie. And even though she is more than calm and patient when it comes to answering curiosity related to the birthmark…

“We just hope to educate people on our perspective and perhaps challenge them to think about the way they think and the words they say,” she mentioned on her blog named Twelve and Six.

… she hopes for people to do away with the pitiful glances at her daughter.

“Hold the pity. She’s a healthy baby girl and we are blessed. Her hemangioma is just as insignificant to who she is as a freckle on her arm. You don’t need to mention it, and you don’t need to wish it away.”

She further says, “I don’t feel I am doing her an injustice by not having it cosmetically removed to protect her from bullies. As a child, I was bullied, and I had nothing wrong with me. I think to protect our children from bullies we should instill confidence and values in who they are, the way they were made. No one wants their child to be picked on, but children can be ruthless. They will pick on kids for their name, their brand of shoes, or the way they talk. It’s just something that may or may not happen.”

Here’s Katie’s effort to change people’s perceptions about her daughter by posting her pictures on Instagram. And may we say Charlie is utterly adorable!

“I would like to normalize ‘differences’ in appearances. People tend to immediately pity people who look different and I would like to change that conversation.”

Happy March! We are definitely feeling Springy today. Maybe a visit to the park is in order. 🌷

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A day in the sixties. ☀️

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More brother photo bombs. 🙌🏻

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