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These Girls Put Their Remote Village On Wikipedia For A Good Cause

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  •  September 15, 2015


To demand their right of education, some girls have put their small village Hutup in Jharkhand on Wikipedia page.

The village’s Wikipedia page is now been constantly updated by these young school-going children.

Under the campaign ‘Pitch To Her’ by YUWA NGO, the aim behind this action is to benefit maximum girls living in Hutup, at that, teaching them the benefit of Wikipedia page. One of their spokespersons said, “In the next few years, it is important for these girls to use technology to expand their worldview beyond their own village. For that, they need to know how to navigate laptops; using Wikipedia and Google Maps was an initial step.”

Now that they have their own page, the village is attracting attention from all over the world. With the introduction of this campaign, computer classes are now being taught daily at the YUWA school. The spokesperson remarked, “We are looking to unleash simple, and practical solutions that can involve anything from art, and music to product design or even utility apps that can be implemented in 4-6 weeks.”original

YUWA now plans to build a residential center for the girls where they will be given leadership training and academic excellence along with football lessons, since these girls love playing this sport way too much! o-PITCH-TO-HER-570 (1)You go, girls!

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